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Between A Sibling And A Confidant Friend, Who Would You Confide A Financial Secret?

Thats a tough one. My siblings are amazing and my closest friend is practically like my sister. I would like to explain why both of them are okay with financial secrets but then ultimately, I'll choose one.

My siblings to start with are an amazing set of triplets and yes, we are quadruplets. I just happened to be a girl. I know, the miracles of life right. So, these boys turned men now are wonderful people to talk to. I tend to share most things woth them.

A few years ago, i had some major financial problems and i ran to my brothers. They scolded me on my decisions but they listened first and smitten later. I explained the nature of the problem and how it had escalated to that point and what i wanted to do to get the problems solved.

They were still angry but at the end of the day, they chipped in and helped me out. But, on the down side, its been three years and they have not stopped talking about it. They feel i cannot make a competent financial decision just after one mistake. I feel this has hindered my sharing problems with them a bit.

Now unto my best friend. This human being is absolutely the best creation God put on earth and without a doubt a blessing to mankind. I can safely say that if the world were made up her by 60%, there will be no evil out there.

Let me take us back in time a bit to when i first shared a problem with her. It was quite a while after i met her. I was a difficult position and i knew telling my brothers would make it worse. So i decided to tell her. After my explanations, he didn't look at me all judgy, she smiled amd said, "we can fix this". I was lost for words and joy filled my heart. I knew from that day on, she would be my confidant in any situation.

So, answer your question, it is definitely my close friend because she is a very neutral and non-biased individual. She doesn't judge and is fair in her councel.


Well that strongly depends on my relationship with that sibling or that friend. I'm a strong believer in the saying that "Family doesn't start or end in blood" so I have friends who are just as close to me as family, maybe even closer. To me it boils down to how much trust I have in the person and whether or not they can help me out(in case it's a bad financial secret) or if they won't try to take advantage of me(if it's a good financial secret).

If I had to relate this to my own life, then I'm 100% sure that I'd go with my confident friend. If it's a good financial secret, like maybe I just won the lottery or I just realized that I bought 500 BTC when BTC was cheap then telling family would be great but they're going to feel entitled to the money. It won't be a discussion about how to invest the money, it'll be a discussion about how to spend it on them.

The kind of friends I have would never let me squander a single dime of that money, they'd insist that I invest it or start a business or something along those lines. There's no reason why I wouldn't choose them over family in this case. I'd make sure I've invested the money well before I ever let family know about it.

If it happens to be a bad financial secret then I'd still choose my confidant friend because family always has your back, but then again I wouldn't want my entire family to know about any financial measures that I've found myself in. I think the whole thing boils down to your own personal relationships with your family and friends, and that differs from person to person.

I hope this helps.


I will go for my siblings

I don't actually have that much friends that I can confide in but I have friends who got my back and I have their's also.

I'm a lover of family and I will say my top secrets and challenges goes to my family because I know that they will never fail me but always support me in any difficulties.

Some people do have friends that are like family and I do think for those people they will certainly go for such friends of their's but for me it's my sibling anytime and anyday maybe because I find it hard to trust and open up to strangers


It depends on who my sibling is and who the friend also is. If my sibling happens to be responsible, reliable, honest and god-fearing, I'll prefer to share such information with my sibling. But if my friend happens to be the reliable, responsible, honest and god-fearing one, I would choose my friend.

Though to be on a safer side if my sibling is not a reliable person, I'll keep the information to myself. People change a lot and you can hardly predict a person's behaviour mostly when money is involved. So in other to be safe, I wouldn't share my very vital financial information with anyone regardless of whether the person is a trustworthy sibling or friend, unless such person is my child. I can only share a very vital financial secret with my grown-up kids.


A secret is a secret for a reason I guess? So my answer is clear. No one, except yourself! Have a great day :)