Why Do You consider you best music artiste as such: who is he?

Personally, I consider J. Cole to be my best music artiste. J. Cole makes music that tends to show the world as what it is and also educates on what it should be. His music resonates with what I believe in as a person and I trust him to keep on making music of that sort. Of recent it's almost as if he has begun to detach from the world. Like the things we do and the games people play in life aren't relevant anymore. He'll never say he is pure but he'll say he has seen these things and done them and so is in the right position to tell everyone that in the long run, they do more good than harm. I admire J. Cole as an artiste and as a person and I'll continue to listen to his music until he stops making it


Oh! What a great question this is.

Well, what turns me on wherever I listen to a good music is the beats of the music. I love to feel the instruments beating in my soul and like it is said, music is something for the soul.

>Music as defned by Plato is movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.

Also, I love to get a good mixture of the voice of the artist, lyrics of the song and charisma of the Artist. The language of the lyrics or music is never of importance to me as I believe I can always spot a good music sang in any language.

**On this note, Sidiki Diabate is my best artist**

Being someone with a magic voice and great charisma, Sidiki Diabate remains my favorite artist despite the fact that I do not understand about 60% of his lyrics.


Sidiki's music are a blend of Mali's most famous Kora traditional music and the modern world. He is basically living the legacy of his family with his father being a great and famous Musician with national and international honors.


**Do you know about Kora?**

Kora is a famous musical instrument mostly used in the western part of Africa.

Read about Kora below;


**Below is my favorite of all his musics;**


Here is another that I love, probably my second favorite;



I know my choice may seem foolish especially if you are non-african but I wish you at least learnt about Kora music.

Thank you!


Don Moen for sure is my favorite...

A simple music artiste whose songs are filled with wonderful messages and a great worshipper who just takes you into the presence of God. He sings some really great songs like Our Father, God will make a way, Give thanks etc.

I listened to him as a kid and even till this moment in my adulthood, i still love his songs all the way. His songs are so mature, calm, touching and very soothing for the soul.


David Bowie who sadly is no longer with us. In his long career he managed to reinvent himself over and over again. He had immense creativity. A true loss to the music and art world.