Which do you prefer; African method of child discipline where parents has rights over minors or European of free liberty :Why?

Well first things first even in Europe parents have rights over their children as long as they're still minors, it's just that things like beating children as a form of punishment is frowned upon and even illegal depending on just how much you beat the children.

Now I think a mixture of the two would be the bes approach to take if you're going to raise your kids. The African system gives parents complete, total and absolute control over their children's lives and both the society and the government supports it. It's even built into the psyche of every Nigerian that whatever your parents say or do is law.

It's because of this that parents can freely discipline their kids in any way that they like in Africa. It's taken as a norm and as long as you're still under your parents, whether or not you're a minor, you will do as they say and be disciplined any way they please. It's because of this that African children who grow up in proper homes are always very respectful and well behaved, the downside is that it makes the children believe that only way to raise kids is by beating them.

The European style on the other hand takes a more lax and liberal approach towards raising kids and even though I see a lot of European kids who are unruly and disrespectful, there are more of them who aren't like that. Kids are punished by getting "time outs" , losing TV rights and having their gadgets seized. It proves effective for them but I assure you it would never work in Africa. In Africa you can be 27 and as long as you're still living under your parents roof then whatever they say is law, in some cases, even after you move out, your parents can still discipline you.

The two environments, Africa and Europe are very different and I believe that the best way to raise your child is dependent on where you find yourself. Personally if I lived in Europe, I'd still spank my kids if they did something wrong but not nearly as much as a typical African parent would in Africa. Moreover, I don't believe that beating your kids is the answer so whether I'm in Africa or Europe, I probably wouldn't beat my kids if they did something wrong unless they're starting to become stubborn or talking to them and other conventional means of punishment have failed, this it falls back to what I said earlier, my style of discipline will simply be a blend of both African and European discipline.

I hope this helps.


European (if you mean trying to reason with a child instead if telling him what to do)

if you treat your children like dogs, they'll behave like that.

Most people in Africa depend on intuition rather than reason because that's the way they were brought up.

I go with liberty, love and respect


The both has it advantages and disadvantages and various reasons why I love them both but I prefer European way of child upbringing to African method. I noticed the African way of child upbringing incur fear into a child, they hinder them from expressing their true abilities, sometimes it go as far as limiting their gifted nature.

Our African upbringing makes children to loose confident in themselves, as often times parents try to disapprove what a child once had faith in. African have so many fetish beliefs that interrupt ones mindset and manipulate them into some kind of thought that only help into destroying himself.

African upbringing have this entitlement mentality where a child grows up relying on someone for his success. They believe someone is responsible for their failure and success.

To all this the European teaches the contrary. Their childhood upbringing makes a child comes out as brilliant and believing in his ability and strength. They teaches a child to know who he is, his ability and help him develope it.