A Sage Said " The Nature And Intelligent Level Of A Man Is Found In The Questions He Asks " Do You Agree: Why?

Great question @alaisguineasis!!!

I think the statement is true to an extent because in truth intelligent people ask intelligent questions. I personally believe that anyone that asks a lot of questions is a seeker of knowledge and as the saying goes, "one who asks questions never misses his way.

I don't think there's anyone on the planet who doesn't ask questions, provided they can talk and are of sound mind and good we'll being, so we can't say that it's only intelligent people that ask questions. The nature of the questions a person asks gives you an insight into just exactly how their brain works, and it gives you an idea about who they are.

I think that the type of questions a person asks is definitely one way to know if a person is intelligent or not, but then again, the questions a person asks are usually a function of what they're trying to understand so some questions that are asked by intelligent people might not come across as intelligent questions to certain people.

Let's put it this way, a person may actually be intelligent, but while learning about something they may simply not understand it as well as others and may end up asking a basic and seemingly unintelligent question because that's the level of understanding they've achieved at that time.

Moreover, sometimes the way a person thinks may be vastly different from others and the questions they ask will be according to how they think, as such, it may actually be an intelligent question, but to others it may not seem so.

To put it simply, yes the kind of questions a person asks may let you know their intelligence level, but that's only if you understand how the person in question thinks. Everybody's minds are different, some are similar and some are words apart so the nature of a person's questions is a good marker for how intelligent they are, but it's not an exact science.

I hope this helps.


Definitely, but that is half (or not up to) of the story. Questions come from thinking deep, that deep thinking many people are too lazy to go to. Many people don't like thinking beyond the surface because it more easier and tasking to the brain.

Yes, it takes brain tasking to ask intelligent questions but it doesn't necessarily more intelligent that someone that ask 'silly' questions or not ask at all. One of the words we used most loosely is Intelligence. For example, people will want to call someone that is wealthy intelligent, or someone that is good at making music intelligent. But those are some types of Intelligence.

Intelligence has different types and we are all blessed with some if not not most. Asking great questions means someone is not lazy to think, which I think is one kind of Intelligence. Moreover, Intelligence is more of been practical. Having the emotions and drive to put whatever to know into actions.

Intelligence is nothing if not put into good use.


There some degree of truth in that sage, but the level of intelligence of a man can be revealed more in what he/she does or how he/she does things than in just questions they ask. A man may ask a question that may seem stupid or unreasonable in the ears or understanding of others but such question may be very meaningful to him/her and may be the key to unravelling a mystery in his life.

Asking the right questions is good, but doing the right things is better. Intelligence is revealed more in doing than in asking because some intelligent people are not that good at talking or explaining concept but when they get to work you'll be very thrilled. Doing reveals intelligence more than asking