How true: " the more you admit your imperfection, the more perfect you would be" ?

Perfectionism comes from inner self. It is in nature of some human begin. Some people tend to be perfect in all manners and try to develop themselves continuously.  

It we do not know where we need to improve ourselves, how can we develop ourselves? So it is very true to admit our mistakes and imperfections.

I have seen many people who does not approve their mistake. But if they do, I think it would more help them to understand what is wrong and how to get rid of it. People who does not approve their down fall, they miss the chance to develop in this way.

Perfectionists may observe themselves and may mark the points in which they need to develop. But as a human being it would be more generous if they take criticism positively and thus improve themselves. 

As a human being achieving 100% perfection in work and manner is not possible. But its true that some people do not admit that and though themselves the perfect one and superior than others. But as it is not true, as a human we may have lacking in certain things. And if other comes to show us that it would be more helpful to fill up the lacking and thus help us to be more perfect. 

Picking the good things and rejecting the bad comes from admitting what is good and bad to others. So w must learn to approve our mistakes and help ourselves to be perfect in what ever ground we want to be. 


Admitting an imperfection brings the awareness of such an imperfection to you and make you to want to work on improving on such aspect of your life. Admitting a thing is one of the steps to getting better at such thing. Anyone that refuses to admit on an imperfection will never work on becoming better in such area of imperfection.

When you admit a weakness, you'll start thinking on possible ways to limit or overcome such weakness. So there's truth in the statement that "the more we admit an imperfection, the better we would become ", because admitting such imperfection stir us to take action to eliminate such imperfections from our lives


I share an opinion that admitting imperfection is not a closer way to perfection I believe perfection is something human being can never attain rather I think admitting imperfection helps you work towards achieving the processes of being a better person than you used to be. I believe human beings can be better in all endeavours I do believe imperfection is a characteristic of human being and admitting and accepting it as a part of yourself we give you a mentality that there is a weakness to you that you must never give into. Imperfection means not being up to standard not being spotless in all ramification and having some in some areas, i believe human beings should not fight their imperfections I believe they should work hard and embrace it because it is only when you embrace a part of you that you are willing to reject or scorn it will afford you more opportunity to become stronger.

I do believe the Saying embrace a more literal meaning rather than realistic meaning, the saying is just like admiting that human beings possesses weaknesses but learning and thriving and coping with them will make you a stronger and a better person. I do believe that people can walk the road of perfection but can never fully attain perfection because this would mean extra-terestriality a state of no longer being human so the saying is like an admonishment we strive hard to actually become perfect by all means even when we may not fully attend it but by embracing the imperfection that comes with us we are one step ahead of achieving this