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Judge a man by his QUESTIONS, not by His ANSWERS: Why do You Subscribe to this.?

Hello again my great question setting friend :-)

OK, This is an excellent question and I believe this totally (except I try not to judge anyone in life but I see where you're coming from!)

Because to illicit a worthwhile solution to a problem, you need to ask a good question that creates a wave of thought and imagination to give a helpful and useful answer.

One needs to avoid asking leading questions, which are questions designed to illicit a response and always try to ask open ended questions which allow for discussion and debate and which are never answered fully until solutions are found. We must also try not to ask simple questions that have obvious and easy answers or asking them is a waste of time. Questions that allow a simple yes or no answer are even worse. We need to avoid asking loaded questions which build into them presumptions to again, mislead the answerer.

Questions are very complex things, and any PERSON (not man!) who can ask clever questions with sincerity and requires an honest and open answer is a very worthwhile and inquisitive person.

Please try not to 'judge' anyone, and please remember all humans are of equal value :-) Have a great day my friend!


No. I don't subscribe to this because questions only reveal certain things like

1. How much we don't know

2. How much we need to know and 

3. How much we value other people's thoughts on certain subjects.

Often, when people ask questions, they simply want to know that there is an answer, or that you know the answer. Sometimes all they want to do in the case of a lecture in a class to  slow up the lecturer while they think of an answer.   

Answers on the other hand reveals The person who asks the question is not necessarily interested in the answer. we know, how much we know, how far we understand. So on the contrary, I would rather judge a person by his answers and not by his questions.

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