Can You List and Explain Three Reasons Why Musing-io Is One Of The Best Dapp In Steemit Blockchain?

Personally, there is only one reason as to why I think Musing.io is the best Steem DApp and that is mainly because of their unbiased Manual Curation!

I have been on Steem for almost a year now and have seen the growth of most of the Steem DApps and platforms there is. I have seen a platform whose official account went from 10k-50k to 500k-1Million+ SP because of Steemit Inc.

I've also tried most of these platforms and one thing I noticed is that, while they claim to be "manually" curating contents, it seems they are not and is just upvoting posts from people who has a higher reputation, has a lot of followers/engagements and already has a lot of post potential payouts. In other words, they seem to be upvoting those who already have influece and visibility on the platform all the while "somewhat" ignoring little accounts. 

It's kinda like they giving a small account (whose content is of high-quality) 2% while a blog post from a well-known steemian gets 10% irregardless of what he posts. That is honestly what I hate about other platforms, the bias and one thing I salute Musing for because they are really voting based on the perceived quality of the question/answer, they upvote with no regards to reputation/SP/followers or how much the answer has already got in terms of payout.

And since you ask for top three, the second would be the straight forward concept of this platform: One ask a question and one answer it! 

The third one would be: Musing listens to their users concern. If you've looked at Musing's Discord server specifically the #suggestion channel, they are reading and taking the community's suggestion seriously.


I think its high time people get to know musing.io . To me , musing.io is actually the best Dapp in steemit and a lot of reasons are associated with me declaring that. i just recently come across this great site and i wished i have come across the site a lot earlier due to the following reasons explained below;

1. musing.oi platform provides a platform for learning. this site actually was structured in a way to add to your existing knowledge and also broadening  your scope. the musing.oi platform is sub-categorized into so many headings in which you could learn so many things from just one site. it also provides an avenue for you to ask questions whenever you are in doubt, or whenever you need clarification on an issue. the musing community will provide various replies and answers to help you understand a topic . the musing.oi is just like being in a classroom and sharing of ideas, asking questions when you do not know and also asking question to get to know people views on issues .

2.  whats makes musing.oi platform truly unique and outstanding is the fact that through the advent of learning and sharing of ideas, asking of question and also answering of questions, you also get to earn a lot. the more active you are in the community either by asking questions or replying question, the more you earn. the best site is just a site where you could actually kill two or more birds with one stone. the site is crafted perfectly. 

3. musing.oi is also an amazing social network that connects people together, from the advent of you asking and answering questions, you tend to meet new people from far and wide and also your post will become noticed and appreciated in the community. through the process of getting your post noticed, you gets your post up-voted and also you make more new friends. the platform allows your quality post get recognized, which is a good thing, through that , you could earn more and grow. using musing is a great way for development on steemit. if you provide quality answers to questions been asked, you make new friends that appreciate your intelligence.

  with this few points, i hope we continue using musing to earn and learn on steemit because really that all we need in life, a place to learn, earn share ideas, make new friends that appreciate your work. its time people get to know about musing.io

thanks for reading my post. i hope its helpful


1. It's a great source of information. I can find out and learn a lot by asking questions and reading answers. we all see things differently, each of us has a different point of view and that makes it interesting and fun as well.

2. You can meet users who worth to be followed. After a while you can filter users and see who's providing accurate answers and good content. Those users are worth to be checked out on Steemit as well. 

3. It's a great way to be rewarded for your time and effort spent here. The appreciation we got from Musing is the payment. For me Musing is a challenge, English is not my first language, so I have to work twice or tree times harder, but it's worth it. I hope Musing is going to be up and running for a long time. 


One reason why musing.io is one of the best dapps for me is that I can freely share my thoughts by answering questions that I chose. As far as I am aware of, musing is the only question and answer steem dapp as of the moment.

Another reason is that getting an upvote is not that hard compared to other dapps even not that much, it will depends on your contribution on the site.

The third reason is that you can learn a lot by reading the answers and also by asking questions yourself. It could be in any topic.


Here are the three reasons why musing.io is the best DApp on steem blockchain:-

  1. If someone has a doubt related to steemit or steem blockchain or any other subject matter outside steem blockchain he does not have to post a blog for that, neither has to ask it to someone in discord, he can simply login to musing and ask that question and I am pretty sure that he can get the answer of the question faster than any other available method on steem blockchain. That is why musing.io is the best DApp on steem blockchain.
  2. You are getting paid by musing.io for your Questions and Answers and it is curated by musing team and the voting weight is generally 1%,3%,5%,10%,15% depending upon the quality of your answers or question and this is a decent amount and I am sure that out of the so many other available DApps on steem blockchain, the reward system of musing is straightforward and quite accomodative for all class of musers. This is yet another reason to claim Musing as the best DApp on steem blockchain.
  3. The user interface of musing is really simple, user-friendly and fast and a new user can get started with musing by an ease. The simple interface is really key for a Q&A platform and as compared to other DApps, it has the coolest user interface which makes it attractive.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I am one of those who love to use Musing.io dapp more than Steemhunt or steemit for these reasons as stated below. This is just my own opinion as I guess others may or not agree which I apologize. I have been on Steemit for about 120 days which rounds up to a 4 months period roughly. 

I tried out all the dapps. Steemhunt - I tried it out and it's not easy to find new products as most of it is usually occupied by others. So at the moment, I earn the upvote and participation points there instead. 

I tried too using Steemit and my follower numbers are not as great as many other steemians so everytime, I post on Steemit I earn about less than 10 cents per post. I will work on those post more in the future. 

Musing.io - This is the place that really gives me dedicated to using this platform. One day, as I answered one question but I gave lots of thought to answering the questions, I got a payout of more than 4 bucks. Then another one was 2.50 which gave me this hyped motivation. I believe musing gives everyone a chance to grow. 

I like all these three dapps alot. I am really anticipating for the new dapps to be released soon. I have been reading lots of crypto books recently and some about blockchains. The more I read, the more I think one day the blockchains will power this world and remove many unwanted jobs which do not add on the productivity of the country. 


The first thing I would say is that I love this platform very much and I am active all day. From here I learned a lot and learned every day. So I'm here all day. No other platform or site can offer you much benefits as it gives you the advantage.

This is the best platform I have to discuss the reasons I think below

1. The reputations will not be considered

First of all I would say that this is a platform that will not consider your reputation. If your answer is correct and quality, then you can get a good amount of upvote from them. There will be no impact on your reputation here. It will be of great benefit to new users. Whose reputations can be much higher, who can get a very low upvote. Again, whose reputation can lower, who get even more upvote.

2. The highest earning

There is no maximum earnings and work restriction. Another great advantage is that there will be a lot of earnings here and you have no limitations here. You can work as much as you want. Of course you have to give a good answer. But you can earn a good amount.

3. Help in acquiring knowledge

This is a platform from which you can gain a lot of knowledge. You can learn as much from this platform . you do not get the benefit from any other platform.


There are a few reasons why musing is a very good Dapp.

Firstly the users that are here seem to be smarter than the other users. I say smarter as they are learning and picking up more information daily by asking and answering questions. You have to think here. 

Secondly the people of musing care by keeping the standards high. Manual curation is one way of filtering out the garbage and maintaining a certain quality.

Thirdly they are constantly thinking of new things to add and change.. They involve the users by asking questions on other things to add and change, By listening to the users you can develop a site that everyone enjoys.


I have only been around for 2 weeks now and even with a short period I already see the greatness of musing.io, let me tell you why.


I bet everyone will agree to me when I say that musing.io platform is executed well when it comes to simplicity. It didn't took me several minutes or hours just to figure out how it works. It's user friendly.


To be honest, I'm quite surprised on the exchange of information within the platform, most of the answers that I received for my questions are well thought of. I must say that I getting the a credible feedback to the queries that I post ~ about life, career, and even the technicalities of Steemit & cryptocurrencies. 


I bet everyone will agree to me that @musing's reward system is so effective in such a way that everyone have an equal chance to be rewarded. It doesn't matter whether you're a minnow, delegator, visitor, passer-by, low reputation, or even high-rep user ~ everyone will have a share of the voting round. 

These are only few of the best things about musing.io, the others may have other key points to share. Cheers!


Image source: Pixabay.com