How important is the Mirror to you , especially in your beauty regimes?

I'm definitely not a woman but I believe mirrors play an important role in determining the satisfaction to beauty's extent. Without mirrors people wouldn't know if their attempts to beauty is actually satisfactory that is why when you look at a makeup kit you are sure to find a mirror inside of it because without mirrors then looking good may either be not enough or it may be too much, in other ways it wouldn't make any sense. 

In people's homes mirrors are installed inside their , their bathroom and even the living room in some other instances when you go to places where things like clothes are being sold mirrors are fixed into the changing rooms so that people can determine how good they look on the check themselves out in the mirror after checking testing a piece of material they want to buy.

Another thing is that there are other factors and importance of mirror but you asked based on beauty regimens. The truth is that it is even funny that it is mirrors that helps people to recognise themselves in the first place and this helps in creating an identity someone it is the ideas of mirrors that brought about cameras of recording peoples appearances and their images that is why when people see someone who look like them they are quick to recognise them, so mirrors create a lasting image in the memory.

In another instance mirror is used in determining beauty that is why someone can check them self and ascertain how pretty or have good looking they are. So it is like a measure that act as an eyes, a determinant and as well as a yardstick when people try to check out how satisfying they should or shouldn't look.


I think the mirror is one of the most important and essential part of a beauty regime. Mirrors allow us to be able to see what we look like and what the flaws are. The next thing that must be present is the lights that surround the mirror. It's really important for lights to be present so we can check out the different parts of the skin and if there are any pimples acne present in the skin.

Mirrors are now such an important part of beauty that it is everywhere around us. Girls usually use it to prepare for their make up and i guess they usually put a lot of effort into looking good especially when going out. Some mirrors make us look better than others.