Why Do People Decline Financial Help To Others, Even When They Have The Capacity To Do It Without Harm To Their Business Projections?

That is a difficult question to answer. I am not a super rich person, in fact I am a student who rarely has translation tasks to win some "pocket money," and I have a scholarship to help me continue my studies. My parents are surviving; they have some debts, but we are managing to continue our lives with some degree of minimization.

A couple years ago, I was walking on the street, and I saw a really old man sitting on the pavement. I tried to help poor people back then; and he looked really poor with his ripped shirt and extremely old shoes. However, the next day, I saw him in the same spot, and he was smoking. That didn't seem fair to me. Why would I support him with the money that I save as a student, only to help him buy his cigarettes? He can stop smoking, and with that money he can save he can achieve a lot. Even though this is just an example, that made me think a lot.

In Turkey, we have a religious holiday called Ramadan. People fast during a month, and you are supposed to come together with other members of the society and enjoy the "holy month" together. A great number of people want to help others who have financial difficulties, as it is stated in the holy book. You see, I am not really religious myself, but I still helped people sometimes just because I wanted to help. However, one time I had to turn someone down who asked me for money. I simply didn't have money on me. He started cursing to me, calling me names etc. That made me think one more time; as you help someone, they start to take it for granted, and they think it is their right. Obviously it isn't. I would compare this situation to the upvotes given by musing:  what would musing lose if they gave upvotes to each and every post that is written here? Probably nothing. But do people deserve it? Do people really give their best? That is the question. 

The examples I have mentioned and countless more I have witnessed made me lose my faith in helping others. If one of my friends need money or something, I definitely would support them. However, I am extremely "picky" when choosing the person I will help. You don't earn money easily; you work hard, you spend time, you sacrifice things. Most importantly, you lose time. Do you think people have done everything they can before coming to you and ask you for money? Most people see you as a shortcut to earn some money. 


Humans are humans, we can't please any body, some are willing to help the needy and some don't give a damn to poor people, even if they are your relatives thou. Reality bites.

I'm also a poor man, i have a job but not good enough to give us more things to buy, more food to eat, more beautiful clothes to wear. When there comes a hard time that we needed money, i seek help from my relatives, but unfortunately no one give or offer a help, and what they always said to me "it's a bad timing". I guess, we really needed to uplift our own self and be prepared so we won't beg for help anymore.


I have stopped lending to people and i know of few of my friends have as well. One is  a multi millionaire and wont give someone 5 c now.

We have all experienced the same thing and that is being taken advantage of. I used to help anyone all they had to do is come and ask. It just got out of control with people hoping you would forget.

It's not that i can't afford it anymore I just won't do it. I don't care who it is as I have had enough now. My friend who is very wealthy has had the same and feels exactly the same way. You can blame everyone else for messing it up. It is always the few that do this and has repercussions for all.

I have noticed lots of people have stopped giving to charities now due to bad publicity and abuse and I don't blame them either.

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Some people don't have the nature of assisting others. Those that loves giving or assisting people in need always look for opportunity to assist people while those that are selfish will hardly help someone even if they have all the Monies in the world. It's just their nature.

One other thing that makes some people cautious of assisting others financially may be as a result of past bad experiences when assisting someone. I've seen people whose assistance were taken advantage of by those they assisted that they regretted such action. Also, some people just love going to different people to beg for assistance continuously without making a decision to make something of their lives. This annoys most people and make them reluctant to helping such people

Every man with money worked hard for his/her money. Nobody is entitled to any man's assistance. Thus, if someone refuse to help you or assist you financially, look for someone else or find something to do that will put money in your hand and make you able to assist others also