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What Are The Possible Reasons Some Christians Don't Attend Services On Scheduled Days Like Sundays/ Saturi?

I don't know about any other person but the reason I don't like attending services on Sundays is because right now, most churches spend more time fund raising than preaching the gospel.

I'm a Nigerian and as a country, we are very religious. There are few atheists in Nigeria because you're either a Muslim, Christian or you worship idols. Either way you're serving a supreme being.

It's very heartbreaking to know that in the church today you're either raising funds for one project or another. Some churches even go as far as levying people for prayers or attaching a price to "holy" items, Now that's insane.

I've come across owners of churches, preachers who are no better than the people they condemn. And that same preacher will come to church on Sunday to preach saying "Repent/Donate".

I don't think that our saviour Jesus would be happening with what is going on in the church today, he personally drove out the people who were buying and selling in the synagogue. And today the same act of buying and selling thrives in churches.

This is why I don't attend service every Sunday.

You can say that this is my way of justifying my actions but until you've been in my shoes, don't judge.

Happy Sunday to you.


1. The venue is far from their place. Distance and travel time are commonly cited reasons for not attending. 

2. Having a hectic lifestyle. People may be too busy with other matters that even Sundays can be an extension of workday. 

3. They do not practice their religion. 

4. Sick. 

5. Costly to attend. Travel expenses for people that commute. And time that could have been done to do something else productive. It's not entirely financial reasons but there are also stuff you'd rather do than to attend the service. 

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