How Would The Christmas and New Year Festivities Alter your Steeming and other schedules?

I don't think it's going to change anything, honestly I haven't felt the Christmas spirit in years and aside from my religious commitments, the season feels like any other time of the year to me. I'm too busy worrying about how to manage my life to even notice anything.

Aside from the multitude of occasions and guests that I'll have to attend and deal with then the yuletide actually gives me alot of time to work so I'll be steeming all through the entire season. Besides, I've got some scary stories cooking in my head and I can't wait to drop them on Christmas day.

As far as my other schedules are concerned, I think the only thing I have to keep myself busy other than sleeping😁😁, is musing so expect lots of questions and answers from me through out the season!!.

I hope this helps


I'll be busy with preparations like cleaning the house, cooking, baking but I'll be still here, trying to do as much as I can. Steemit and Musing is part of my life now.

This is the most beautiful period of the year and I want to enjoy it with my steemian friends. I want to wish them happy holidays and read their interesting stories.