I Spent About 4 hours Daily In Musing-io: How Would You Consider This ; Too Much or Not Enough: Why?

As long as you are enjoying answering the questions or asking questions on musing platform it is absolutely okay and there is no question about 4 hrs or 2 hrs. So keep musing on....as long as the questions are pouring in and you know the answer of those.

I personally do not weigh on my activities in hours and I do not even think about that because ever since I came to know about musing I have really improved my activities in steem blockchain and especially in musing and it is not like that i do not read, apart from answering I read a lot of questions and answers here and read the whitepapers of good blockchain projects and that gives me a lot of pleasure and from my 2 years of experience what ever I know, if I see a question related to that I promptly answer that, so it is like a online library for me, so a lot of fun, yet at the end of the day I get paid in the form of upvotes, is not that motivating !!!

Therefore it is not about much or enough, just acquire your knowledge as much as you can and you can do that in musing by reading other's questions and answers and enhance your knowledge base apart from questioning & answering and for that there is no limit of time.....it is just unlimited, so be a flow in the limit-less musing platform.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Spending 4 Hours a day on Musing does not sound unreasonable. It is difficult to be mindful of time when you read the answers to important questions you personally have.

Furthermore, you may find that while formulating an answer to a question, time can go by quickly as you are deep in thought. A well-crafted and thought out answer takes time to write.

On the other hand, 4 hours may be excessive if you have other obligations that require your presence, or if you are not interacting with others. In the first case, you would be shirking your obligations. In the second case, your time would go unrewarded..


I think it depends what your goals are, and what else you have going on in your life. I probably spend a couple of hours on here a day and think that is enough for me, but I do have the time for more if I want.

I think that if you are working a full time job and have other commitments then 4 hours a day seems like a lot. But I only work 20 hours a week and have the extra time, some of which I spend on Musing.


it all depends on how much time you are spending on Steemit. If you are spending more time on musing and less on Steemit you may be doing it wrong.

I am not going to advise you either way as you should know what your goal is. If you want to build your Steemit account you can only do that by working on Steemit growing your followers.

If you just want monetary and aren't worried about your followers then musing is  a good choice. The problem will come though when all the older users return and new users sign up. If you aren't part of  a community on Steemit you will be left behind.

I have to spend at least 6 hours  a day on Steemit supporting my followers and the others I follow. I spend roughly 2 to 3 hours  a day in musing and Steemhunt and I wish i had more time to spare.

I think I am safe now but I still need to grow quickly before it becomes main stream. What we all have to think of is when everyone arrives and this place becomes busy if you have no support you are going to be in trouble. The reward pool will be shared amongst millions of users and it doesn't grow it stays the same size. 

I haven't checked if you are a decent sized account or not or have loads of followers but that is what would worry me right now.


to be sincere , they is no time spent on musing.io that could be be consider too much . its either you do not spend enough time at all on musing.oi.

now to answer your question, i think using four ours on musin.io is cool and not too much, to me, it is okay because i do not think that using four hours on learning and broadening your scope and knowledge can be considered as to much. on musing you learn a lot, so can you consider using four hours to improve your intellect too much?, the answer is NO. so in a nutshell, what i am trying to explain is that no time spent on musing can be considered too much. 

so too me, spending four hours on musing.oi is little but manageable due to the fact that everyone is busy doing one thing or the other to earn a reasonable good living. 


That's a question only you can answer. You're the one to evaluate your time and work here. 

First of all you have to know why are you here, what's your main goal. If it's money, then you can run the number to see if your effort is rewarded accordingly. If not, you have to find a way to improve. 

If you're here to read, to learn and engage, then you should know if you're satisfied with what you get. There are interesting questions and answers we can learn a lot from, it's an educational platform, can't deny that. 

There is also another aspect you need to think about. Balance is the key in life, we all are busy, have our own life outside Steemit and Musing. So you are the one who knows if you're neglecting your duties because of the amount of time spent on Musing.