What Are Your Daily Routine: Do You Stick To Them Religiously Or Casual About Them?

Since I'm on vacation my daily routines aren't that much and fixed like it use to be when I was in school where you'll have to wake up early by 6 am prepare for classes which start by 8 am and go on for series of lectures and practicals. Everyday it goes on and on like that and my daily routine has been done religiously because I have to keep them else I'll be seen as a truant.

So for school my daily routines are:

1. Prepare for classes by 6 am

2. Start class by 8 am

3. Go on break from 12pm

4. End classes by 6pm (yeah very tedious)

5. Prepare dinner

6. Watch a movie to cool my nerves

7. Study my books and do my homework

But with my vacation on ground which will be lasting for the next two months I don't have a scripted daily routine, I wake up whenever I like and browse through Steemit , answering questions on musing and going out with friends sometimes. The vacation is the only time I get to rest without school work here and there.

So for school I have a scripted daily routine while at home I just go with the flow.