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What Would you do if your spouse who is aware of your temporary unemployed status , accused you before your Community elders of deliberately starving her of Financially?

I have seen real life situations similar to what you mentioned, in my neighbor. It was love marriage for the couple, but after 3 years her husband lost the job and they struggled a lot afterwards. Initially her wife was cooperating with her husband, but after 6 months she tried every means to humiliate her husband in front of others in the community and also in the relationship circle. 

The love, compassion and understanding hold good as long as you have a earning, you have a job and you have a regular income. Once that is gone means no one cares you, even your dearest & nearest ones like your wife does not. I think it is only parents who always love unconditionally to their son and daughter. It does not matter what conditions you are going through, but your parents will always be with you with a lot a compassion and love.

Good understanding & cooperative wives are also there in this world but their numbers are very few. Actually the problem is not with wives too. Because they used to get pressurized by their social circle and neighbors and that pain wives a lot. As a frustration they start abusing and humiliating their husband. Because the human society is very very materialistic now a days, this kind of things are natural to come.

How good is the chemistry between the husband and wife is and how their understanding is, always tested by the adverse situation like this. If this kind of adverse situation will come to your life, you will get a chance to test the real feelings and love of your wife.


Well, if your partner does not see the necessity to support you during a crisis (if not financially then at least mentally) and believe in you and instead blames you in front of others, you might consider looking for a new partner.


I wish I do not have to face such situation in my life. And I did not give a thought about it in my entire life.

Love, understanding and empathy is the bounding of a happy relationship. In this case, I can clearly see, none of this one was present. 

How mean treatment could one person get, which forced him/her to do such event, I have no idea. But I think, this thing does not grow overnight. May be there are thousand reasons which forces someone to go to the community and urge about their certain life condition.

I am not sure, what I would do. Because my spouse should know my financial condition. Partner should be the one who could help me in such situation. But if I mistreat him/her for long or do not provide the care and mental support to each other for long, may be then this type event could take place.

But if my spouse could do that without all of that, I stated earlier. If we both have a good relationship and all of a sudden he accused to others of the community about my deliberate willingness to make him starve. Then I might give it a thought to leave him.

Who could not support me in my need and only complain about life, do not have any patient and can not struggle with me, are not eligeable enough to live with me.

That's what I believe. I wish no relationship have to go through such event. 

Have a nice day. 


A wife should be under the authority of a man. Especially in traditional communities. She should respect your situation.