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Has Mammoth Ever Lived?

Mammoth Including ancient animals that went extinct and lived during the Pleistocene period 1.6 million years ago. Surely none of us ever lived at that time.

Famous creatures with body size exceeding elephants, accompanied by this thick and circular fur, have been proven in the scientific realm. Pennsylvania State University researchers stated that Mammoth was one of the last extinct living things. In the study found a fact, that Mammoth was declared extinct around 5,600 years ago, due to lack of fresh water availability and changes in environmental conditions at that time.

In biology Mammoth is called primigenius, originally from Africa 40,000 years ago, it is a giant grass-eating mammal whose outer form is like an African elephant now. Their group when famously spread widely in Europe, Asia and three continents in America, in the cold grasslands of the "age of renewal" (approximately 1,800,000 - 10,000 years BC), can find their tracks. The cold weather at that time and the types of animals and plants are similar to the present, there are even traces of human remains.

But when it reached the middle of "Total New Age" (about 6,000 years ago), the weather began to heat up, the number of Mammoths began to decrease massively, up to 3,700 years ago, The last Mammoth became extinct on Wrangel Island in the Siberian region. Starting from the "age of renewal" to "Total New Age", the earth's climate has passed several times hot and cold circulation, but Mammoth in several climate changes, can breed and live.

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