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Most Often My Written Answers Disappears When Connectection Is Poor: How Do I Overcome This?

Before submitting your answers, try to copy your work. If your work is copied, you can easily paste it when the network is good again. Try to ensure your network coverage is good and that you have enough RC to comment, if your RC is low that you can't comment ,you may find it difficult to submit your work. This happened to me when I newly started . It was until I realised , RC is also a barrier that I start paying attention to it.

So after you have written and edited your work, copy it in case the network goes bad. And when you return to the question, all you do is paste it and try again


You are not alone. I experienced it once. I wrote a long answer but I stopped for a while because I am going to do something. When I got back, the browser reloaded by itself, and everything I wrote are gone. I am just using my mobile so that can possibly happen.

The next time, I wrote my answers on my note app on my phone, then copied and pasted it here. That can help if you are not going to submit your post immediately. Likewise, keep the URL of the question because the website will log out by itself. If it logged out, open the homepage of Musing, then log it in. Afterwards, refresh the URL link of the question you will answer. Copy and paste the answer you wrote on your note app, then submit.


Yes, I too had the exact same problem earlier and I started typing it on a note paid first, before I finally submit that on musing and I am doing perfectly fine with that and I think you should also do like that.

In steemit blog, it automatically saves it if there will be interruption or power failure or computer shutdown but in musing it does not happen like that and the there is a reason also for that, because it will require a lot of memory space for that to happen and I think that is why that feature is not available here.

You can also try steemit blog as writing your answer and once you complete that you can type it here directly and later you can fine tune it using tools like bullet numbering or bold or italic etc.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I believe the other Dapps are having the same issue, and I've learned it the hard way.

So the solution is to write your answer in a more reliable tool like Word, Notes, Drive, or Dropbox on your other devices and copy and paste it to musing.io

It's always better to be safe than sorry, since we can guarantee that musing.io will save a drafts that will serve as your fall back everytime your internet connection fails.


I experienced this same issue sometime last week twice and it was really painful. I was in fact close to tears as I had written a very long piece of information as an answer to be sent only for it to be completely wiped out due to network. I shoved it aside but when it was repeated for the second time, I knew I needed to take action. All I had to do was copy my already written answers on a notepad if I feel my network is dwindling. It has since been rewarding since then.

Cheers, JI