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Would you aubscribe to absolute human right to determine their choices without control whatsoever, even if such choices could self destruct?

I would never subscribe to absolute human rights to determine their choices, i believe human being have their excesses and the reason why we have limitations to human rights is to act as check and balance to human beings , take for instance if you give human being the absolute power or absolute human rights to freedom of speech without deterrent or punishment I believe that human beings will no longer respect the boundaries of their fellow human beings but because there is no punishment for absolute human rights, people will not have the right to defame the personality of their fellow human beings which will actually be abusing another person's human rights.

Apart from self destruction I think absolute human rights would destroy a state or a nation because take for instance the principle of the rule of law will no longer work I want the principle of rule of law no longer works then it be impossible to defend the sovereignty of the constitution. Absolute human right will give people the chances to make very wrong choices, both physical, psychological and even political as well and they may make decisions that may affect the state as well. So it is better if people have limitations to their human rights and choices because this will act like a yardstick through which people can know or recognise their limitations. This is the reason why parents do not allow children to make their choices instead parents take part in making choices for their children this is because they may make choices that make self destroy them and even tarnish the image of their family.

I believe humanity cannot function well like a civilized society without controls such as laws and order so giving people a 100% chances and absolute freedom to make their choices will mean that they will no longer be a state of control in the society and then the whole world at large. People cannot be allowed to do whatever they want because the things they want can infringe on the rights of other people. So the whole world will self destroy as a result of the excesses of humanity this is made possible


It is a basic right to be autonomous but it no longer becomes a right to be protected if it conflicts with other human rights. I don't agree with self destruction being tolerated out of free will. It conflicts with the right to live. Even if it only concerns the self, each person's actions affects others especially their significant others.  Human rights are meant to help people reach their fullest potential. 


Only up to the point where it harms the people around you. That would be under most circumstances be a red line. If somebody decides to be destructive against himself or herself and rejects help, then there is not much one can do.