What Causes The Subnormal Behaviours of Marijuana Smokers?

Almost everyone is all aware of the side effects of smoking buy due to people's ignorant nature and arrogance, we still have people smoking this dangerous stuff. The astonishing part is that in every cigarette box, it is always written their that "smoking kills or smokers are liable to die young" but people still engage in heavy smoke of such cigarette.

There are some health great health problems that can be developed due to smoking of cigarettes and I can boastful tell you that "mental illness is one of them". The question is if smoking of cigarettes could lead to such health dangers, then what do you expect of smoking Marijuana which is even more greater than cigarette?

Marijuana is a heavy drug and it is banned in most countries. This is why it is sometimes very expensive due to it's scarcity and the contents it's contains. The intricate materials used for producing Marijuana makes it more dangerous for the health of people but most people aren't aware of this. Some people think smoking Marijuana makes them a big boy, some even smoke it because they just want to feel good or get high, some also smoke it because they want to relief their stress. But does all this really cause for the smoking of such harmful substance?

The Abnormal behavior or subnormal activities of Marijuana smokers is mostly caused by the materials used in producing substance such as "THC or Cannabis". When the smoker smokes it, part of the ingredients (Cannabis mixtures) travels to the brain which affects the normal functionality of the brain. This is why you see addicted smokers talking out of point sometimes, some even act like mad people because the drug is really affecting them badly but they can't let it go because they are addicted to it.

Most people became mad due to the smoking of this dangerous substance known as Marijuana. It has actually cause more damage to people's health. A health practitioner once told me to stay away from such smokers anytime I am in their midst because the fumes or smoke exhausted can really affect the inhaler's health without even smoking it. I use this opportunity to advice everyone reading this to stay away from such environment where people are smoking to avoid inhaling the exhaust fumes for you to have a better health.

I hope every smokers can quit this habit of smoking such non profitable act as it really causes more damage than good. There is high chance such smoker runs mad if the smoker is an addict and there is high chance he develops psychological illusion different from the normal people's thoughts.

Let's stay healthy because health is wealth and one of the best ways of staying healthy is to be careful about what we consume because we are really what we consume. Similarly, smoking can cause unexpected health problems such as the following


- Mental Illness

-Lung Problems

-Kidney Problem



-Rouge behavior

- Red Eyes

- Darkening of the lips and many other health related problems.

I hope we can do away with smoking Marijuana and start leading a better and healthy life.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


First of all let me just state that it is important to differentiate Recreational/Casual Marijuana users from the addicts, as it is usually the later that portray symptoms of 'subnormal behaviour'.

The main ingredient in Cannabis (or Marijuana)  is called THC or delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. When you consume Marijuana, THC goes from your lungs into your bloodstream and then into your brain. It stimulates the part of your brain that responds to sources of pleasure, like food and sex. That produces a major organic compounds called dopamine, which have varying effects on the body.. 

The thing with forced and excessive stimulation of dopamine is that it causes hallucinations, Panic and anxiety, delayed reactions and psychosis. Frequent use/abuse of Marijuana can lead to addiction and generally prolong such behaviors, destroying quality of life