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Please describe the Cultural Dowry Ceremony in Your Community?

Okay I'm going to be answering this with reference to my tribe. My tribe is isoko and we can be located in Delta State, a state in the south-south part of Nigeria. Marriage usually involves three steps.

The first step is known as the first introduction. Here you bring your husband to be to your parents house. He is officially introduced to them and tells them his intent of marrying you. He then presents a bottle of alcohol and kolanut to the father of the bride who accepts it and then prays for him and gives him a date to come with his family. The groom to be now comes with his family on the said date for the second introduction where the both of family are meant to get acquainted with each other. Bottles of drinks are presented by the groom to be family alongside kolanut and it is prayed for then a date is chosen for the traditional marriage and a list is given to the groom.

On the day of traditional marriage, the groom presents everything listed on the list which usually comprises of clothes and food items with drinks and a specific amount of money. After it is presented, the family of the bride checks the list to make sure it corresponds and everything is complete. When done, the bride is called out for the first outing to come and greet the in-laws. She comes out and briefly greets everyone then retires back into the room.

After the bride price has been paid, the bride is now called out the second time to come identify her husband. A cup of palmwine is given to her to drink a little then walk through the crowd and give the remaining to whomever she believes is her husband. The crowd cheers on as she makes her way through the crowd. Once she locates the groom, she kneels down, sips a little from the cup of palmwine and hands it over to the groom to finish it up. Once he has done that, he picks her up and walks with her back to her parents amidst cheers.

Prayers are said for the couple as the bride is finally handed over by her father to her father-in-law. Celebration follows immediately.