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What is the most recurring excuse people give for refusal to acknowledge God; Could they be right?

I think the most reccuring excuse people give is that the world is in turmoil and if there is a God then he wouldn't let things like that happen. He wouldn't let babies die or let people suffer. While it seems like a valid reason to be an atheist, it's actually quite childish and illogical when you think about it and it represents a basic human attempt to push blame to others instead of acknowledging our own mistakes.

The first and most important rule of christianity is that we all have freewill. We are free to do whatever we want, whenever we want, for as long as we want on Earth. If we choose to worship Him, then its our choice and we will be rewarded in the afterlife. If not then we will also get something for it in the afterlife. But the bottomline is that as far as life is concerned, we are free. Now with this in my mind, I don't see why people blame God for the bad things that happen to people, saying if He was real, He wouldn't let it happen. He's not a puppet master to make us do whatever he wants. The suffering of men today is because humans have decided against working together. We make selfish decisions and then when those decisions eventually cause trouble for someone else, we say God should have done something. In the long run, almost every terrible thing that has happened was to man was because of man. And we say if there was a God he would have intervened. As I said it's a very childish and illogical way of looking at things.

Secondly, people keep on saying that nature, the world and the universe are all science. That everything can be explained scientifically and as such, God does not exist. I think this is just a case of wrong expectations. People expect God to make things appear from nowhere. They expect Him to be this deity that does anything, anytime, anywhere. God made the universe, as such, he made nature and all her rules. So if he did, then I guess that he works within those rules. Everything can be explained by science because when he made everything, he set rules to guide them and limit them. We all know how things can be without rules and as such, know their importance. So in light of this, I believe that people are wrong in their lack of belief in God


I don't have such people around me. I only watch in movies.

But I hear people say that, there are people who thinks that God doesn't exist especially those ones who had lost their loved ones through one illness or accident. They will just hate God for allowing misfortune to befall them.

I also heard that, they said God doesn't answer to their prayers, so they had decided not acknowledge a God like that.

Then I usually ask myself, it you get angry with God or fail to acknowledge Him as your God,as a human , where will you be, what happens to you when you die, who will intercede for you.

No human has any excuse to give, if he or she fails to acknowledge the God that created him or her.

No matter what your passing through, love and revere God, in His time, He will make you whole.

Don't hate Him , for your misfortunes, love and acknowledge Him always

Happy first Sunday to you.


I rarely come in contact with people that refuses to acknowledge God for his goodness and mercies. Anyone that would refuse doing so is an Infidel and would be doing that out of ignorance. So the best thing one can do to such a person is to preach the gospel of God to him. Make him know who is creator is and why he is alive till today.

If anyone says God does not exist, such person is not and can never be right. Such a person is just being influenced by ignorance and needs God's divine intervention that is why we as believers of God's word need to preach the gospel of God to people who don't believe or have never heard of the word. We need to evangelize to them and make them see reasons why we should not fail to acknowledge the blessings of God in our lives.


First of all...beg your pardon? Excuse? I do not think non religious people need an excuse! That kind of attitude might very well be seen as presumptuous.

It is the free decision of each and every person to believe or to not believe in something, Your truth may not be the truth for another person and your decision might not be the right decision for another person. When will religious people stop telling other people what to do or what to believe? You have your religion. Fine. If it works for you... That does not mean that other people are unhappy about not following religion. That does not mean that they do not know any ethics or morals or values. That does not mean that you have to save them or be a missionary for them. Respect others as you expect others to respect you.