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Different Cryptos And Tokens Are Created Daily: Do You Think They Will Remain Relevant As Means And Units Of Value Exchange ?

Despite having many launches per day, I don't think many would survive. Only the few big ones that have the biggest market caps would usually be ones people have interest in.

I guess, maybe in the near future, btc and the coins that in the top fifty are the onces that everyone would use. No matter what, everyone still has their interest in the biggest crypto of all and the giant is the one everyone looks for. That is btc.

I don't think many others are relevant but of course, there will be still be some unicorns that are hiding waiting to be found. I think xrp from my view would be a really important coin. It has a high chance of becoming a currency.

Anything has value from my view as it depends more on the person who perceives its value. Even a person's talent can be traded as a currency as long as their is trust in that particular value. Like art, it depends on the persons love for it to have it valued highly.


What have been the reasons to use cryptocurrencies in the first place?

  1. Encrypted identities of coin owners.
  2. Highest level of privacy.
  3. Free from governments and/or banks control, means true ownership.
  4. Ease of use.
  5. Cryptocurrencies are the true forms of global currency.

These are the reasons which made Intel to invest in cryptocurrency, and any coin which continue to fulfill above mentioned reasons, will surely remain relevant. 

As more and more people are getting to know about cryptocurrencies and their usefulness compared to fiat, cryptocurrencies are getting popular. This is the very reason for the new coins as well. They could see ups & downs, and except those that are nothing more than a scam (as  Iamthegray mentioned) and based on fraud, are definitely gonna stay relevant.



The crypto market has attracted both the good, bad and ugly because of its prospects. Every day people are buying into the idea of a tokenized world. Different projects spring up each day but the reality is many of such projects will die, not but because they are bad per se. Yes, of course, the scammy will eventually be exposed. SEC is tracking many such projects, but the good ones are also at risk of being obsolete and for various reasons like poor management, weak business plan and low penetration in the crypto market. These are some of the challenges that will lead to the extinction of many crypto related projects.

However, the few that will survive will definitely thrive because the future of the world financial system is slowly been built on blockchain/crypto related initiative and these coins/tokens will serve as a means of exchange and will see mass adoption. In the years to come, we will be able to use our coins to transact as we do now with fiat. This is not wishful thinking but my prediction based on the events happening. A lot of attention on the crypto market at the moment, its almost certain that we are on to something here, it is only a matter of time before it becomes glaring for the whole world to see.


Some will.

Recent statistics say about four in every new five tokens are scams. That says a lot about the future of most cryptocurrency projects.

That said, I believe cryptocurrency has a great opportunity to become a medium of exchange. Say what you like but bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and other tokens are gaining traction with each passing day. Even the current price dip helps draw attention (although it might not be a favourable one)

I believe the solid projects with financial backing and large appeal will remain to become mediums of exchange