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Will you donate blood to save the life of a critically sick ex date who Ignominiously jilted you : why?

There's something my dad always said to me and my siblings whenever we'd do something dumb and dangerous, he'd say "Life is precious". I don't care how badly you hurt me, as much as I may hate you, I'll still donate the blood if I can. It's not a matter of who hurt who more or who was in the wrong and who was right, it's a matter of life and death and that is what will be in my mind.

You can replace a girlfriend, you can replace a boyfriend, but once a life is lost, you can't replace that. I wouldn't want to have the thought of someone dying because I couldn't get over a simple heartbreak hanging over my head for the rest of my life, the guilt would eat away at me and maybe I'd even end up killing myself.

No amount of heartache the person caused me can justify not giving them the blood. When a life is on the line things like that are supposed to fade away from a person's mind and helping the person survive is all that should be there. I won't lie, at first it might hurt a bit when I hear that it's someone that hurt me, but ultimately as long as it's to save a life then I'll do what I can, especially since it's someone that I once loved.

I hope this helps.


Well my friends call me "weirdocra" which is a combination of the word "weird" and "crazy",they call me that because i have done alot of things which sound weird or crazy to them..

See i have once helped to save the life of a guy that has raped me brutally before,yeah he raped me while i still was in the college,few years later i met this same guy while he was battling with his life after he had a car accident,i saw him and recognized him that he was the same person who raped me in the past,despite how much he hurt me in the past i still decided to save his life and rushed him to the hospital,after his health recovery weeks later he was shocked to know that the same lady he raped in the past saved his life...

So yeah i will donate blood to an ex that jilte me,anything to save a life,i am in.......i would not become heartless because some people are heartless...i will always keep doing good no matter how much those same people might have hurt me in the past or not....


Yes without hesitation. I don't care who the people are and if they need blood they can have some of mine.

I used to give blood regularly, but haven't in a while as the last time wasn't very professional. You just never know though if one day you will need some blood.

If you can help someone when they need you ,then you just have to. I don't like people suffering and would always help when asked. Doing the right thing is the best thing to do.


That depends on the circumstances and what that person has done to me. I would not rule out that I would reject the plea to help. But as I said...it depends.


Yes, I would. Why? Because I have a rare blood type, only 3% of the population has it, but this is only one of the reasons. The other is that I have to live with my conscious, that I can't escape, ever. 

I've learned over the years that if I can do something good that helps others, I would do it. In this case, a life would depend on my decision, no matter what has happened before. I know I would never forgive myself if I would refuse donating blood. I don't have to deal with the person, but at least I know I did everything I could to save a life. 

When it comes to life or death situations, you don't hold a grudge, you man up and do the right thing. 


I will prefer to donate blood to save life even he is my worst enemy. Difference of opinion and being hated some one due to his deeds is another thing. But we are all human beings. So as human beings we help each other remain afraid of GOD.  Helping some one when he needs most is always create a good impact on other. We should help each other when other required most without any reason.