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What Are The Best Means To Position Strategically To Take Advantage Of SMT Launch Next Few Months. Do I Need To Operate A Dapp?

If you have the skills and ability to build and operate a dApp, and a killer idea for one, then definitely go for it.  

For the rest of us, without those skills or ideas, collecting the "tokens" being given out for activity within certain dApps will position you for when SMT's launch.  I think that the big ones will want to assist Steemit Inc to maintain the timeline and have SMT's launch on time (hopefully) despite the recent cutbacks announced by @ned.

  • @steemhunt is one of the best to start accumulating.  Voting through steemhunt front end will earn tokens, making your own hunts of curating, with a quality comment, other peoples Hunt will raise your user score.  There is also the shuffle button, which is like a faucet droping Hunt tokens that you can claim up to 4 times a day.  Delegating SP will also boost your Hunt tally.
  • @actifit is the next "pre SMT" I would look at.  5K steps is not hard to get each day to get an upvote and earn some AFIT tokens.  You also earn whenever you vote on someone else's actifit report.  Again delegation will earn more tokens, and the quality of your daily report helps also.
  • @partiko is also a good option.  Partiko points can be earnt from a daily check-in, up-voting through Partiko (any post) and also posting and commenting from partiko's app.  You get a vote percentage slider with it which isn't available to small accounts on Steemit.  I have seen that they are planning to convert these points into an SMT, but am less clear on the path and usage of their SMT once it launches.  Still, can't hurt to accumulate, can it.
  • @dlike also have a similar token issue for activity in their dApp.  Sharing a link (please also add your own personal observations to the post) or commenting on others links can earn upvotes and tokens from dlike.  It can be a bit more random, but rewards do flow.

You can double up and up-vote Actifit posts from partiko and gain 2 "pre SMT's" for the price of one!

There are likely more options, but these I would consider to be the best ones.  @steemhunt and @actifit are in my opinion the pick of the bunch.  The reason is they have thought through most clearly what the use's of the token's will be once SMT's launch. I know @steemmonsters have an SMT in their plans but there is nothing that can be accumulated yet.

As I have no skills to build a dApp, these are my strategies to maximise my benefits from SMT's when (and if) they arrive.

Thanks for reading and have a great day,