Which is more important : Questions or Answers in Musing-io; why?

You can't put one in front of the other, both are equally important. If there are no questions, there are no answers and then there's no Musing. 

The truth is, there are more answers because one question can have  indefinite number of answers and usually most of the question have more than one answers. This is why some may think questions are more important. 

Or if you ask that from the revenue point of view, the answer is the same, they both are important and you can get upvotes for both of them, although you can get bigger upvotes for answers. 


You need to understand the fact that both questions and answers on this platform are both equally important ...without the existence of questions on this platform then there will be no existence of answers too..

A good thought provoking questions will usually get very interesting and educating answers too and that would make alot of people acquire knowledge through this platform.....

That is why i feel it is advicable that users should keep giving sensible answers to sensible questions so that other users can learn alot of things from the platform and also become a better person and also for this platform to keep achieving its major purpose and intents...

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If you are talking by keeping the format of musing.io in mind, then good quality questions and answers both are important for musing.io.

For users ... For the time being it's mostly about getting rewards, but in the future when musing would be accepted by the majority of the internet users as a trusted platform for getting information about different queries, then answers would play the most important part, but not all of the answers ... only those answers which would be based on proper skill sets, education, expertise, experiences etc.



I think they are equally important. You don't have a site without one of them. Questions don't take as much time to write so I think the rewards should be a little bit different on how they are curated.

I have noticed musing has started to pay a little more attention to questions lately and that was a smart move. A better standard and quality of question will enhance the overall experience for all users on the site.

Answers should still get bigger upvotes though as it takes far longer and more thought.


Both contribute to adding value to the platform. No questions means no answers to be posted and no answers means a question will be missing a complementary value. This platform operates when both elements are present. 


Answers should be more important than question on musing because as one asks questions on musing, he/she is expecting an answer to have an idea about something and do not forget the fact that the person asking is not the only one that is going to benefit by learning from the answer but other people too.

Answers would bring knowledge to people inclusive of those who were not the ones that asked them.

That's the reason I feel answers are more important on musing than questions.

As for questions, there must always have to be questions on musing because people want to learn. 


Both questions and answers are important for musing plate form but if we select between both of them . Then answer have more worth then question . It is true question also have Main role on musing plate form . But quality and people interest create by answers they get information by others people experience and knowledge. 

Question is Blink statement which not fulfil the need of its reader . Consider If musing have only question on this plate from you image is that really interesting form people. But on the other hand If only answer on Musing.io . It is not complete but may be people come here and get their answer. But its possible people come here. 

But at the end question and answer both have important for this kind of plate form .


Both are equal important as both are the way of learning. Asking question helps you more knowledge, awareness and understanding about the topics while aswering question is important for the betterment of this community. Knowledgeable person is just like a well which should be utilized just like well water is used for drinking. The beauty lies in both questioning and answering