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Can Somebody be Engaged Alone and Make a Sustainable Income To Sustain Himself For Financially: How?

It depends on how charismatic you are and what kind of content contributions to the community.

Choose the keywords for the title of your posts and make them match the most important in the search of the viewers. Online tools such as Google Trends and the Yahoo! Buzz show the lists of the most popular search terms updated daily. When you post a video, the most popular keywords relevant to the video should be used in your title.

Make short posts.

 the ideal time for a post is 5 to 10 minutes of reading or better make videos People rarely watch a five minute video on YouTube until the end. If your reason to become popular in steemit is to advertise a product or business, transmit your message quickly.

Select attractive thumbnail images for your posts. The thumbnail image must be one that makes potential viewers want to click and watch the video.

Load content that people can not find elsewhere. For example, suppose you have recorded a video of yourself doing the review of a product, such as a new iPod model. This can be attractive and informative, but it is very likely to compete with dozens of similar videos. If you enjoy doing product reviews, you can build an audience little by little by continuing to publish the videos that people find valuable. At first, it can be difficult to get attention. If you create content that nobody else has uploaded on YouTube, you will not have direct competition.

Upload potentially viral content. Several posts have become popular because they represent unusual or funny events that the creator filmed only because he happened to be in the right place at the right time. Get in position to capture those "once-in-a-lifetime" events by carrying a smartphone with a camera wherever you go.

Fill in the "Description" and the "Labels" fields. Potential viewers will search for content like yours when writing text in the steemit search field or search engines. They can not determine what your video is about unless you add text to it. These fields will give you the opportunity to add words and phrases for the video that people can write in the search.

Create a blog or an account in some social media to promote your content. Blogs such as WordPress.com, Blogger.com and Tumblr.com and social media websites such as Twitter.com, Facebook.com and MySpace.com allow you to spread the word about your creations without spending money. Do cross promotions by adding a link to your blog or social media account for each video you post on YouTube. By posting quality content on that site, you'll gain followers who want to know about the next video you're going to create.


This depends on your engagement with the community, how much people like you, and whether or not you make the right connections. It's possible, but very difficult.


It depends on the activity of the user 

Few things that might help evaluate the scene

The use should have a decent amount of SP

The follower list should be of decent amount 

Content creation should be original so that people will support those by Upvoting

The user Should have a friendly manner to grow in here.

While it is kind of hard in a way if the user having problems with several issues above or there are dapps of Steem that will help as well very much for the contribution of that person's Steem journey.

Esteemapp/ Steempress/ Busy.org they are dapps (for blogging)