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What is the Function of "neutral" wire in Electricity Connections?

Neutral Cables are electrically low (near zero) cables and are used as a reference. As we know, to have an electric current flow there must be a potential, if we only use a phase cable to enter an electrical component, such as a lamp, the light will not turn on. If we add a neutral cable there will be a potential difference between the phase and neutral wires that pass through the lamp so that the light is on. The characteristic of this cable is that if it is in the tespen, the tespen does not turn on.


Indeed, you definitely recognize what is neutral is a grounded star point expansion and a resultant zero current conveying conductor for the most part utilized in dispersion framework as it were. Its key point is safety Since there is an exclusive live wire in a total electrical way, the returning way (i.e. Impartial) as of now being grounded, dangers are decreased altogether. Lightning defenders likewise make utilization of this line as interchange way to 'murder' the flood.

There are a few different capacities like it gives zero potential reference to electronic circuits, most family unit machine are intended for L-N voltage, accommodating in stack adjusting, has been a standard and so forth.

Be that as it may, what I firmly accentuation on the capacity of the neutral wire is the safety issue.


maybe all electricians have found a problem like this, if the socket in the electric current is present (tespen lights up) but the socket can not be used, even to turn on the TV can not. Electrical problems like this are the opposite of an electrical short circuit, because one of the neutral cables is broken, so even though the phase (fire) looks good the electricity cannot be used. Then what if the socket in Tespen turns on all? Phase, neutral and ground fire (so phas

The problem is the same because the neutral (zero) break is broken, causing Phase, neutral and ground to be all fire. Let us refer to the following explanation to deal with the electrical problem as above (the tespen socket is on / Phase, neutral and ground suddenly all fire).

Neutral and Ground will be on fire (if it is fire) if it is in the tespen because neutral cable is not connected (broken) it may be due to an improper installation cable connection or mouse bite can also be the cause. to overcome this, please check the network to install the electrical installation and reconnect the broken neutral cable.

Ground cable becomes fire because on the neutral and ground cable installation network is combined (connected) so when the second (broken) neutral cable will join the phase (fire) this is common in household electrical installations.

If a neutral cable is not found breaking on the installation network, the problem is usually found on the PLN cable (SR cable from the power pole to the meter or Kwh) which breaks "neutral cable". the cause can be various types of connectors that are damaged or broken due to other things. The old SR model cable connector that is black is often damaged, so PLN does not cut the connector again.