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Why Do Atheists Tend To Believe In The Theory of "Big Bang" While They Dispute God's Creation: Can Big Bang Theory Be Proven Objectively?

As a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles there is a whole other perspective on "creation". Jesus teaches in ACIM, that creation is only an illusionary thought in universal Mind. God, being eternal Oneness doesn't know about duality and separation and therefore hasn't created it. So God has nothing to do with what we call "creation" as physical form. Following this, the "big bang" or any other theory or proof are only part of the world of form and can only try to explain something inside of this illusionary creation and have no value by themselves.

So to answer your question: There is no objective perspective - neither from theology nor from atheists and science, because there is no dualistic creation separate from Oneness. It's all made up. 


Well the first thing you need to understand is that science itself is a religion!! It may not follow the conventional belief that there is a supernatural being out there which created everything, but it definitely believes that something is responsible for everything we see and touch and that's evolution.

Now I'm an engineer so by extension, somewhat body a scientist so I can tell you that it's not everything in the Bible that I believe and I actually side with science on a lot of things especially the creation story. I don't actually believe it and I believe that it was simply written down on a way that we humans would understand.

Now the thing with atheists is that they believe in what they can see, touch and feel and that's what science gives you, it gives you the ability to see and make your own miracles with your own hands and not with your knees on the ground and your arms stretched out. I'm no atheist but I was almost one and I know why they believe in what they believe.

It's simply illogical to believe that there's some big super being out there that's watching over all of us who answers our prayers and created everything. There's no proof of whether or not God even exists so believing in that, having FAITH, is something that's alien to them.

They don't even need to get an explanation as to how the big bang happened, the fact that science has proved and disproved alot of things with cold hard facts and can explain a lot more, it makes it a far more credible thing to believe in than religion.

Let me end it this way, atheists believe in the big bang theory because they believe in science and science actually gives them something logical to hold on to, something they can reason out and explain for themselves. That's something that religion simply doesnt do. It doesn't matter whether or not they can explain or even understand the big bang theory, since it's coming from the mouths of people who have given them something tangible to believe in then it's ok by them.

Well for us religious folk, not everything can be explained logically and we know that logic ends where faith begins so for me, that's all I need to know to believe that there is a God who's watching over all of us.


The truth is first of all, the reason why they're called atheist is because they do not believe in God, they never have and never will as a result of some reason, either because of their predicaments or the fact that they think the world is too flawed to have a God as the reason why the earth was created or they're simply scientists like the late Steven Hawkins.

The thing is atheist believes that the theory of the big bang is more plausible, I mean they've compared the both theories and they've tilted to the perception that the big bang theory is more closer to the truth than the story or theory of the creation.

Of course some scientist have come close to the finding that the big bang theory may have some element of truth, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace tried with the principles and theory of evolution but the case of the Southern and northern hemisphere pole may have rendered this inconclusive as well.

The truth is by faith Christians believe the theory of the story of creation even when they may not physically telling evidences and so also the reverse is the case, atheist already have an opinion that there is no God, it's only logical they believe in a theory that support theirs thesis or opinion.

The both theories cannot be physical proved fully and there are definitely doubts concerning the both respectively but like I said it's only logical that atheist believes a theory that supports their opinions.


There's a lot to unpack here, it's a very loaded question. 

I'd like to avoid misunderstanding as much as possible.


When we're talking about having a "belief" in scientific theories, and "belief" in supernatural, those are not the same uses of the word "belief".

The "belief" in the context of scientific theories refers to being convinced that the evidence found through research, the empirical data, is reliable. 

Science follows the data and evidence to build conclusions. 

And hence, based on the available evidence and data, astrophysicists conclude that the universe is in a state of constant accelerated expansion which we call "the big bang". It's still going on today. We're still in the big bang.

The "belief" in context of the supernatural is related to our emotions, hopes, and fears, rather than being convinced. 

People "hope" that things that they "fear", such as death, are not as serious, and so they have "belief", or "faith", or "trust" that the "wisdom" of their ancestors, parents, community, culture, is the "truth" of the universe.

Ultimately, nobody chooses what they believe, nor what convinces them. 

If your arguments fail to change other persons mind that only means that the argument is either illogical, or just not convincing. 

Can "big bang" be "proven objectively"? 

Can anything be proven objectively? 

The question itself don't make a lot of sense, as explained earlier, 

the observed facts about behavior of our universe is what we call the "big bang".

You can call it by a different name but the facts stay the same.

Can anything be proven? 

Only in mathematics. 

In real life, there's not such thing as to prove something.

You can always argue, that there might be an additional piece of information that changes everything. 

The thing with science is, that you repeat experiments and observations for so many times, that to think that there will be a piece of information that invalidates all the previous data seems so incredibly unlikely, that is borderline crazy to assert it.

And even then, the scientific process is designed to improve theories on every new information. 

So the "Big Bang Theory" today might be different than in 50 years from now, because you build theories around available evidence and data, and not look for evidence and data to support your ideas.

Do atheists dispute gods creation? 

It's impossible to believe in creation if you don't already believe in the creator.

What evidence there is for creation, or creator?

None that I'm aware of. 

You're welcome to change my mind, I didn't choose to disbelieve. 

The arguments were just unbelievable. 


The truth is nothing can be proven. It is not only atheists who believe in the big bang theory either.

I believe in a super power otherwise nothing makes sense. The big bang theory could be right and saying God created everything is just a way for everyone to understand it by simplifying it.

The truth is no one knows how we all came about and the Bible doesn't have the answers. I am not religious but I am no atheist either. I believe in a super being or power but that is as far as it goes. I am a realist and I have an open mind to all of this. People quoting from a book don't convince me at all.


Nothing can be really proven objectively because everything in life is influenced by your own observation. Our observation is subjective. For instance if you look at a table, it may look like a static object to you. When you look at it on a sub atomical level the table is actually vibration. You can observe things from different levels and get different outcomes. 

It could be possible our world is only a computer simulation that just looks very real. 

Science is the observation of patterns that happened in history. Then we use them to make prediction only until something better comes along and the theory is proven wrong. Science is evolving while we are learning more as humans. You can't take anything for sure. 



I believe human brain is so limited that we could never ever really know the big majority of truth. Big Bang theory isn't the most persuasive theory to me either, but God's Creation just makes far less sense. 

Again, why should we know all that, who do we think we are!