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What is the best strategy to grow a steemit account without investing ?

 There are several strategies that you can do as a new member in Steemit.


Oh yes, after HF 20, new members have very big limitations. 

 New members can only do =
- 3 comments (also means 3 posts)
- 46 votes
- 19 transactions (transfer, follow / unfollow, etc.) 

So, basically the totally new members have almost no power to carry out activities in Steemit. So, inevitably we have to rent "more SP" from various providers such as blocktrades, minnowbooster, neoxian, etc. At the very least, you must have around 50 active SPs to start implementing the strategy that I will explain below: 


 1. Active comment on the whales post

The  first and easiest way to grow in Steemit is to actively provide quality  comments in various whales posts, such as @reddust, etc.

This  gives you the possibility to get upvote (depending on the quality of  your comments) to gradually develop in the Steemit network.

Lots of good whales, and who always provide support, especially for newbies. 

At least, if you can be active, you can get arround $TU 10 per week.

2. Join and Be Active on dApps

Well, this method in my opinion is the fastest. Honestly, I departed from 0, with 15 SPs from 6 months ago, and I almost gave up developing in Steemit. This is due to the lack of growth of my account for 2 full months.

Then,  after I played in #Trending, I got Steemhunt as dApps and the first  community I visited, and it turned out that I could grow very fast  there.

Then,  gradually I began to look for what are the best dApps in Steemit ?,  let's sort from the easiest and the fastest to give growth to the  newbie.

- Musing.io

dApps is the BEST new because we don't need high RC (Resource Credit) to get started. With high dedication, newbies can produce STEEM by providing "quality questions / answers".

So for Newbies, please start right from Musing.io as the best and easiest way to grow.

- Steemhunt

As I mentioned above, Steemhunt is a dApps platform that focuses on hunting innovative products according to their PG. The  hunters will get intensive in the form of upvote from @steemhunt, and  HUNT tokens from various activities they do (upvoting, social sharing,  making contributions, etc.).

For those who are enthusiastic about hunting products, this is the best platform to grow. I myself can grow rapidly from Reputation 25 to 64 (currently) in just a few months.

For  SP growth, actually I have reached more than 2,000 SP, but since there  are personal needs, I continue to power down until there are around 500  SP now.

- Steempress

For newbies who like blogging, why not use it to get upvote from Steempress ?. For  private domains (paid) that have good traffic, and also the quality of  interesting content, Steempress is able to support very quickly.

Of the three dApps above, I can at least collect $ TU 93 per week, very fast for a newbie like me. 

- d.tube

 One of the best and biggest platforms in Steemit that provides great support to content creators (in the form of videos). I have never tried it, but the support provided is very large.

- dlike

This is a platform that is very similar to Steemhunt, but what is shared is any link that can be useful for others. While this reward has not been large enough, I am sure that after the SMT is released, you can develop faster and easier.

Oh yes, they also have their own SMT tokens.

- StemQ

A new platform that is very similar to Musing.io, but focuses more on STEM. Maybe you can try it if you like STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math).

- Utopian-io

For this last one, the reward given is very large and probably the biggest. However, you need to have sufficient knowledge to be able to contribute well. Honestly I can't do it :) 


 3. Additional Tips

For additional tips, after you grow fast enough, you can invest some of your SP to get greater growth.

- @steem-ua

This is the best investment platform with the largest ROI (Return of Investment). For more details, please visit the profile @ steem-ua from the following link:



That's really an important question.

When i started my steemit journey, i had this question in my mind, and i was trying different things to get succeeded on steemit, I even did spamming in the start :P like copied the content from internet and posted here with even giving the source.

But as the time passes, I started improving day by day and now I am happy the way i am progressing on steemit.

Interaction and making relation is the only way to grow on steemit, Here i am putting a link of a website, which helps me grow in my steemit journey.


It is the website where you can find people with the high sp value and you can comment on their post to make relation. Here i want to add, you need to get register for ginabot to get notification for your favorite author, when ever he made a new post, in this way you can make relation easily.  To register to gina bot , you must visit their blog @ginabot, if you find any problem in registering, you can contact me at  discord  abdulmanan#8776 . I will help you our in this.

Visit the contest tag! 

To earn steem isn't easy in the start, you need to visit the contest tag and participate in the contest you seems yourself to fit in, it is one of the best way to earn steem.

Use The dapps.

Getting noticed is isn't easy on steemit, To achieve that, you need to start work on dapps like 

1 Dtube.

2 Esteem

3 Steemhunt.

4 musingio

5 busy.org

6 utopian

There are many others, Do your research on them

They all support users according to their effort, i do remember when i was working on dtube, it give me upvote worth 44 $ on a video, i was too happy that time.

Hopefully it will help.


Interactions with others.

Pretty much the same as in the physical world, If you stay at home all the time you will not meet many people.  If you go and walk, you are going to see more people and they will see you, Not everyone will talk to you, but now you are visible.

Steemit works in the same manner, 

Your post always has an opportunity to be seen, that is you going for a walk, There are other ways to take a walk too, By posting this question you are on a walk and gained some visibility.

Replying to other people also opens up avenues and lets people see your name, If you show interest in others posting and comment with genuine comments you will generate an interest in what you wrote, Those same people will tell others about your posts if they are of good content and worth to read.

You can also make use of software like discord and join communities that have been established on their servers. Again on discord those you talk with and interact with will take a look at your blog.

Growing an account takes time and instant rewards are not a frequent things, Build up your circle of friends through your interactions, and people you meet will guide you to others who hold similar interests.


I find that the best way to grow a Steem account without investing is to focus on the three keywords interaction, quality, and consistency. Let's take a closer look at these, and see how they fit perfectly together to grow a Steem account. 

Interaction is the first keyword, and it might even be the most important one. You will need to interact with people here if you want to grow a steady base of followers. People are much more inclined to upvote people they are familiar with, or even feel like they are friends with, compared to "random" people the see. So interaction is a key element on the Steem blockchain, for most (or all) the dapps that are currently here. 

I would suggest to find a good amount of people that you enjoy reading the posts of, and invest into becoming a familiar face to them. I won't give you any specific suggestions as to who to follow, but I advise that you should look for people who write replies to comments on their post, or are generally active within the community. Interaction is a two-way street, so don't bother writing lots of comments to authors who won't ever respond to you. 

Interaction can also happen off-chain, in places such as Discord or Reddit. You can definitely make some good relationships in these channels, but I personally prefer to do most of my interaction on-chain. 

The next keyword is quality, and by this I mean that you should always strive to make your interactions of as high quality as possible. Of course you cannot write amazing comments to every single reply you got, and that's fine, but you should spend more than just a few seconds on writing comments or replies, and instead focus on making sure they are of as high quality as you can mange. 

The quality part is important for both writing blog posts, writing comments, writing replies, or even questions and answers here on Musing. People will for sure notice other users who are of high quality, so I think this will be very important if you want a consistent amount of upvotes. 

The final keyword is consistency, and this simply means that you should spend time on the Steem blockchain consistently. Some might not be able to post every day, but make a schedule that works for you, so your followers can know when to expect to read new posts, get replies to their comments, or when you are available for interaction. 

No one grows a big Steem account without investing over a short period of time, so be prepared to work on growing your account every day for many months before you will get good results. Other than that, good luck on your journey! 


As someone who managed to grow his Steem Account to 1300+ Steem Power in just 10 months without investing anything on Steem, I can say that the best strategy that really works for everyone is "consistency". 

One should be consistent in delivering content here on Steem, I strongly advice everyone to publish 1 blog post per day with a decent quality. Many people would probably advice you to post exceptional quality content, but I strongly advice to just settle for decent content to avoid big disappointments. 

Get people to know you first and your blog. Spend 1-3 months posting your interests and passions while interacting with people in your niche. Sooner or later, people with the same interests as you would  flock in to your blog. When you feel you have enough influential followers, it is at that time that you start to post at least 2 exceptional contents per week. 

Based on my personal experience, people who just enjoy the platform are more likely to succeed on Steem than people who are just in here for the money. Just Enjoy the platform and you'll be surprised to your growth. 

Also, Never ever power down! Whales/Dolphins on this platform are likely to support people who will be here for the long run. If you really need money, then cash out your liquid Steem but never ever power down! 

Last but not the least, do not rely on dolphins/whales for their upvote. It comes once-in-a-blue-moon! Instead, just rely on upvotes from Steem Platforms like ESteem, Busy, SteemPress, DTube or even here in Musing. Newbies are honestly more lucky now compared to us before since we don't have anyone to rely on for upvotes, now there are many platforms that gives a decent reward for everyone's content. XD


This is a good question and everyone wants to know the secret. I can tell you that there is no secret and the only thing that works is time and hard work.

I started my account from scratch and this has been the toughest challenge I have ever encountered. You may think I am crazy saying that but this place is not easy.

When I started I spent the first month learning and communicating with other users. There is no point in posting as you have no followers. It may say x amount of followers but those people follow everyone so they don't count.

Find posts you enjoy and comment on them and upvote. do proper comments though that talk about the post. Show the author that you read the post by doing this you will receive a reply and normally an upvote back. Do not follow users just because they have a large account. Don't chase money and the vote.

Once you have followers you can now start posting. This won't be very rewarding as in huge payments but you will start to grow slowly.

Use the Steemd website as they have a graph which you can track your growth. Try and keep your growth on a curve and improve each week.Join the Redfish power up league hosted by paulag. This will help you and highlight other users who are doing the same as you.

Once you are growing look around to see if you can add to your growth. Join a dicord channel if you can as they can assist you so much.

Remember consistency is key one post per day if possible, comment as much as possible. Engagement and interaction is what makes your growth. Steemit is a social website so networking and promoting yourself is important.


Focus on posting good quality content, keep the interaction going and be consistent, visit the trending section for more update, explore other steemit-related platforms. BE original. No plagiarism, if you want to copy a message/photo/ quote (give credits to the owner by indicating links and sources). 



First of all you need to understand that the best way to grow on steemit is when you have good contents to offer or you have the ability to curate good contents on the

steemit platform and make it get better and bigger,,so you can grow your steem account without investments by using your contents to earn upvotes on steemit and those

upvotes will bring rewards which will make your account grow bigger,there are also several Dapps which you can use to share lovely contents and earn some rewards by putting those contents on the platform which you want to use...goodluck..