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Did you earn more on HF20 stage of Steemit or less?
This is a survey if you like HF20 than HF19 in terms of earning or do you lost the taste because of HF20 implementation,

The short answer is less. If I could write 20-25 comments and 2-3 posts per day now I can write only 3-4 comments a day. Having less recourse credits reduce the chance of getting upvoted by someone because of less comments. Before hf20 l could join lots of interesting and easy contests or giveaways to make decent money but now l can only join 1 or 2 of them. The good thing is that people who have less recourse credits will focus on writing quality content instead of spamming. If you have 300 sp or more then it won't affect your steem earnings.


I think everyone but spammers must have earned more after HF20 than before. The rewards distributed are the same but the comment sections have become remarkably clean. There really is much less spam. It's remarkable. 


I started earning more in terms of SBD, STEEM, and SP after HF20. Why? 

1. Because my curation rewards increased.

In HF20, the author of a post lost all of their curation rewards to the pool if they upvoted their own post immediately after posting it. I started getting more in terms of curation rewards when I upvoted some of the high SP user that I regularly upvote. I took up the habit of autovoting those authors that I regularly support. I could optimize the timing of my vote.

2. Everybody's rewards went up because the vast majority of spam was eliminated.

The comment sections became remarkably clean because, suddenly, spammers lacked the Resource Credits to spam. That translated into every honest user's rewards going up. 


I got more active on HF20 so I think there's a correlation to how much I'm earning. But before HF20, a lot of trash posters got a lot of attention and were in the platform when the price of the crypto was high. There was a lot of competition in the past.