How much time do you spent on your health?
Hi, I am a 2nd-year University Student and I am planning to go for running from the last 4 months but I couldn't be regular. Please tell me how I can deal with this problem?

Only 30mins in total per day! XD

My daily routine includes me doing some jogging in place for a good 10mins early morning with some 5min squatras after.

I don't really see it as an exercise or doing it for my health but more like to force my body to "wake up", sort of a warm-up before I start the day.

I also do end my day (an hour before I take dinner) with the same routine for also 15mins. For some reason it helps me sleep at night after I do that.

As for your problem, I think all you need is a little motivation so you can stick with the same routine daily. Try checking out @actifit, it's a Steem DApp that rewards users for "exercising" or for making physical efforts. The rewards might motivate you to do some "running".

I did it in the past and for 30mins daily, I got around 1000+ tracking activity which would allow you to make a post via their app. :)