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How to calculate post rewards in steemit?
You can't. The post rewards are not constant. They change depending upon the price of Steem. If Steem price goes higher, SBD printing increases which increases the post rewards. The post rewards depend on the price of Steem. Price of Steem can't be calculated because it is determined by the market. The potential reward you see in your steemit posts often change. You will notice that it increases when price of Steem goes up and decreases when Steem price goes down. So, no, you can't accurately calculate post rewards in Steemit posts. This applies to all posts posted in Steem blockchain as well.
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This is a great question in which every Steemit Users should have knowledge of about. As we all know the rules of getting rewards on Steemit is by you getting "quality" upvotes. I made use of the term quality because this is something everyone needs to know. Don't you get surprised when you observe some people posts with more than 100 upvotes and you still observe their payout to be very small?
This use to happen due to two reasons. The reasons for this is usually caused by the rate of steem and the influence of the voters. This is explained below :
* **STEEM VALUE**:The erratic nature of cryptos isn't something astonishing to every experienced crypto traders and investors. Cryptos rises and fall at any rate. The erratic nature of steem also affect your payout because it is directly proportional to the steem power. This trauma sometimes discourages Steemians from posting because they believe it will be a bad market for them. Also, you may observe you have have made like $100 before the post payout and has time passes, you notice your income decreasing. The value of steem is playing a major role and impact in this case. In a nutshell, the higher the value of steem, the higher your post payout and the lower the value of steem, the lower your post payout.

* **QUALITY UPVOTES**: One of the greatest ways of making huge payout is to have high quality and quantity upvotes. Don't be astonished when you observe some people's post with just 5 upvotes and they are making like $100. In this case, the quality of the upvote is very high which plays a great impact on the payout. Also, you may observe some people with more than 100 upvotes and you notice their payout ending up with $0.90. In this case, there is high quantity of upvotes but no quality. What do you think will happen when you have both high quality and quantity upvotes? I will leave that for you to answer😁. I am very sure you will want to know how you can achieve this. Let me just take you through a few steps in achieving that.

### Steps To Follow
* Make friends with Whales: Remember the quality of upvotes plays a great influence on your post payout. The best way of achieving this is by interacting and socialising with whales. Make friends with whales and support them also. Using this approach, you get upvoted by the whales you know which increases your payout.
* **Join a Community** There are several Steemit communities or groups you can join which also helps in curating. You get upvoted from the community depending on their method of curating. Also, you gain a lot of experience from different people and you also make new friends.

* **Resteeming**: There are some people who help in resteem in valuable posts. The resteemer amount and nature of followers is is dependent on the payout of your posts. I guess that's why some people do make us of resteeming bots sometimes.. Resteeming is a way of showing your posts to everyone apart from your your followers.

I think the above will help you to gain more rewards and also enable you have quality posts. No one will want to upvote posts that lacks vital information.

### Calculating Post Rewards

Before you make a publication on of your posts on Steemit, you will be asked if you want 50/50, or 100% steem. You select your choice but I do advice people to make us of 50/50. In this way, your payout is divided into Author rewards and Curation rewards. The payout is calculated by the programmed software of the steem blockchain which rewards your posts.
its not hard but as @littleboy says, the price fluctuates , and i suppose so does the reward pool ... but the formula is easy :

to calculate your vote worth : get from your post .json data

"vesting_shares"+"received_vesting_shares"-"delegated_vesting shares"

that's your number of "shares"

get the reward fund with the method

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "get_reward_fund", "params": ["post"], "id": 40 }' https://api.steemit.com (or whatever node is running smoothly

from that. json file get "recent_claims" and "reward_balance"

then get the state with
{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "get_state", "params": ["post"], "id": 40 }

from that get "base" and "quote"

calculate :

shares * * 1000000 * 0.02 for a value of a 100% vote

divide that result by "recent_claims"

multiply that by "reward_balance" (lol heheh ... easy as goblin pie , right :p)

divide base / quote and multiply that by the last result from the rest , you get your 100% vote value in SBD so i assume if you pick all the vests from a post .json and run it through the same you will get an SBD amount

you can google on it or search in the steemit box "calculate value vote" which will tell you the same thing i just did in some yo-post

or you can use steemnow.com and use their calculator but that's only for the voteworth again

what you need to know about the estimate the UI gives you is this

numbers are round up, i personally think its a bit of a flaw and it should give 3 digits (just like you get in your wallet)

there's a "dust treshold" (assuming it's still there) which means your post will not be paid out until its exactly 0.02 or above, the problem here is with rounded numbers any reward from 0.015 to 0.019 will show as 0.02 so you basically have no clue unless you go through all the votes on your post, add them up and do the math (it shouldnt be that hard with a script)

that's because from a certain level no one cares about that 0.005 but at plankon level it can be very confusing

i think it should have a third digit or at least show 0.00 estimate until it reaches an absolute 0.02 (to avoid confusion) BUT

the best site to check upcoming rewards i know of would be steem.supply

go to https://steem.supply/amit789 and you will get a nice list of upcoming rewards from both posts and comments, takes all the hard math out of it but it's still an estimate ... and also, when you get past dust treshold ... 25% goes to "curators" (thats people who voted on your post who get a relative share of that according to their contribution ... its how curators are supposed to make the mullah, by already being rich and casting massive votes lol)

so there's 75% left of whatever is paid out, and that gets divided on payout (cashout_time in the post .json) into three parts : SBD , STEEM and STEEM POWER(which goes directly to powerup) that's assuming you have set payout to 50/50 lol

so, if you're not the scripting guy or the numbers guy its probably best to stick to steem.supply by @dragosroua (the practical witness lol .. one of the practical witnesses)

by now you're either clear or confused on the matter , so depending on that you can decide wether you want to do it yourself or use the tools provided :D

hope it was useful to someone ... sleepy time for me, thanks, musing for all the great help so far



yes, you CAN !
approximately at the second of calculation , im gonna make that a total scripted script yes, now for the howto on posting and commenting by means of python, where do i find it ?
Its very easy to do that.. I saw another answer saying otherwise but I have calculated all my post rewards in the past and till now I do it regularly.

Yes, because of fluctuation in price post rewards are not constant. but when yourr weekly author rewards is under 1 grand that fluctuation doesn't matter that much.. you will get an estimation around what you will get..

Now to calculate the rewards follow the process I'm giving you bellow.

-Go to steemworld.org/@(your username). This is a website similar to steemd or steemdb but it is a little more responsive and a little slower.

-When the page loads you will see all your stats. Scroll down and you will see two tab named "Coming Author rewards" and "Coming Curation Rewards."

-Now, coming author reward shows every single dime you will get from your blog posts and you comments combined. Click on "refresh" wait for it to finish calculating and then on the right side it will ahow you what you will get in Steem power, steem and sbd and what curators will get on Steem Power.

If this answers helps you in anyway then you are wellcome.
It is impossible to calculate the post rewards because it is totally depend on the cryltomarket .

If we see dominance in a Bitcoin more than 45 percent if seems that there is 45 percent Bitcoin in the market.so then the price of steemit also varies with Bitcoin price.

Post reward are being calculated on basic steem power but steem power can be accumulated up and down so it is depended on Bitcoin so we cannot calculate the proper post rewards in a musing.

I can evenly says that post rewards in steemit cannot be calculated by the owner of the coin steemit because if big whales buy steem coin that no doubt of decrease the price of steem and the price increase as same as if whales sales the steem than the price will suddenly comes down.

So there is no way to calculate the reward lost we only get an idea that iwe have earned this much dollar only.
You are asking how to "calculate" post reward(s?) in steemit. I assume you are asking how one single post gets it's rewards based on the votes from other Steemians.

TL;DR - there's no point. There is too much variable in place that it's humanly immposible to calculate them, just leave it to the blockchain to do it for you..

But.... If you insist, @themarkymark made a very technical post about it more than half a year ago here at https://steemit.com/steemit/@themarkymark/how-to-calculate-post-rewards
The post rewards in Steemit is not constant and is greatly dependent on the price of Steem in exchanges. Additionally, there are tools/sites that help you to see pending rewards. One of those tools is steemworld.org/@username, it will show your pending rewards and in that way you can perform reverse engineering in the computation of post rewards from steem (currently we are receiving this one due to low steem and sbd price), sbd and steem power. Other tools also include SteemPlus it is a plug-in for browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox, it has a feature that lets you see your pending rewards and still you can perform reverse engineering. Additionally, if you are a programmer or have a knowledge in programming, you can try accessing the github repository of those tools such as SteemPlus or perhaps check the console in your browser by doing a right click and pressing “Inspect” to the page for which you are accessing/looking for your pending rewards. In those scenarios, you’d be able to have an estimation on your post rewards.