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How long that you have been as Steemian? Could you tell your achievement?

I actually got verified on Steemit towards the ending of March. This means I have been on this great platform for the past five month from now.

What am I able to achieve within the few months I have spent?

I will have to make a list about some of my achievements and make them explicit so that you can learn from them. These are some the things I was able to achieve within the last few months of my stay on Steemit.

1)UNDERSTANDING MORE ABOUT THE WORLD OF CRYPTOCURRENCY AND BLOCKCHAIN: Before joining Steemit, I never knew much about cryptocurrency not to talk about blockchain. I started learning about cryptos and blockchain with the help of Steemit. Sometimes, there are some cryptos tutors and ICOs experts like @flash07 and @crypto.piotr who always make posts about cryptocurrency and ICOs related project which has added more to my knowledge regarding the aspect of cryptocurrency. There are several bloggers on Steemit who are just very good when it comes to talking and writing about cryptocurrency such that some of them even update their followers about the trend of cryptos such as @cryptoctopus and @cryptonet including many other crypto bloggers. I was actually able to know more about cryptocurrency and Steemit has helped me achieved this.

2) SELF DEVELOPMENT: As we all know that Steemit doesn't support plagiarism of content. I actually made this mistake when I was still a newbie on Steemit. I had to copy and paste an article published by a Steemian because I never knew it was a great offence on Steemit. I got flagged by @steemcleaners which affected my reputation back then. I was actually sad and depressed about this when I observed this. This made me report what happened to one of my great friend known as @samest when he told me I had done the wrong thing. After learning from that sad experience, I never plagiarized anyone's posts again. I will take my time to come up with an article all by myself and I make research when necessary. This has helped me developed reading and writing skills because one of the best ways to achieve success on Steemit is by providing quality contents. I was able to develop myself with the help of Steemit and I am proud to say this is one of my achievements on this great platform.

3) MAKING NEW FRIENDS : One of my greatest achievements on steemit within the past few months is that I was able to meet new people on Steemit and make friends. This has actually helped me alot when it comes to seeking advice or support. I was actually able to achieve this by joining several telegram groups, discod channels and most importantly by making quality comments on people's posts. This has been one of my major achievements and I am still hoping to make friends with more people on Steemit.

4) HELPING OTHERS : As a philanthropists, I am always happy when I help people and I was also able to help other Steemians for the past few months on Steemit. I don't actually believe in winning alone, but I believe in winning together. Ralph Nader once said a true leader will always produce more leaders and not followers. I try as much as possible to help newbies with low reputation by supporting them with 100% upvote and I also advice them on how they can also be successful. It is true that I am still a minnow with low voting power but I always use it to the fullest just to support everyone I am capable of helping. I am very happy when other users do commend me and thank me for their support just like @edumaths will always do. Helping others has been one of my great achievement on Steemit and I am still hoping to help more people on Steemit even if I become a Steemit user with huge SP.

5) SOLVING PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS : There is a slight different between helping others and solving their problems. You may help some people without solving their problems and you may also solve some people's problems without helping them. I was able to start solving people's problems by making use of musing. I try my best to provide explicit answers to the problems some Steemit users are having. I always try to be explicit when giving out answers to people's questions and this has really helped me to make the trending page of musing many times and I am sure this will also make it to the trending page (lols). I was able to achieve this with the help of musing and I am still ready to provide more quality answers to people questions or problems on my stay on Steemit.

6) EARNING : One of the reasons of joining Steemit is also for you to earn. I was able to achieve some little amount of money for the past few months just by taking part in activities that will develop the blockchain such as providing quality content, upvoting other people posts, commenting, etc. Earning money is one of my achievements and I was able to achieve this on Steemit.

The fact that I earn very little doesn't stops me from investing in steem. I always love to invest more in steem because I believe the more we invest in steem, the more profitable it becomes for everyone of us. This has enabled me to power up my Steem Power as much as possible. I am very happy whenever I notice an increase in my SP an I am still ready to do more of this while I am still on Steemit.

These are my few achievements and I am still hoping to achieve more as time goes on.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I have been a steemian for 14 months and have loved every minute of it.

My achievements on the platform very but I have a few that I think make it to a list that I think I can post here.

1. I have been on promo dates in the UK, this was arranged by the promo team #promo-steemit and was aimed at the universities in the UK, I was able to make the one in sheffield where I met two amazing steemians @tumutanzi and starkerz, they were the ones who told me all about steemit and what to do on the platform and I followed their advice to the T. We walked around near the university and got students attention by talking to them about steemit and what it was, we gained great traction and even at the time people joined on the spot using their mobile phones.

I went to meet another steemian that I had also met here on steemit and we did a promo later on in the year that was just pure mayhem, we walked around with a video camera and asked professionals in offices questions if they knew about steemit and handed out flyers to show them the number one social media site. it was a cracking day with a lot of laughs.

2. I have made friends on here too, I have friends who I talk to off of steemit that I have met through steemit, i have made friends with people from different parts of the world, some of them are from countries that don't have any money and some are countries that don't need money, steem doesn't judge who you are and I think that is a great thing about this platform.

3. I have helped others here too,    I have been known to pop to new users and help them with their journey whether it be a little upvote or advice I have tried my best to be there for others. I comment on every post I can, and I guide people in the right direction with there posts.    

One thing that I remember doing for another steemian and that was give advice about her photos, she was taking dull and grainy photos and they just didn't go with her blog as it was amazingly written, I told her to take her food photos in day light and see what the difference was and she did, her post went from taking $0.50 to $10.00 over night. I feel like the little help that I gave her helped with this increase in growth.

4. The earnings from here are not what people think, I came to steemit looking for a job, a job blogging something to do during the day and something that would pay me money, After been on here for a month thinking that I was going to make thousands a week by publishing my work I came to the understanding that it isn't about the upvotes it is about been apart of something bigger.

I stopped counting my sp and started concentrating more on quality posts and interacting with the people, it has been better to think about others than something for personal gain.

If I was to do it all again I think that I would have made sure that every cent I made here would have gone into powering up as I think i could help more people from my upvotes.


I have been on Steemit for about 8 months now. I have learnt so much and met some wonderful people.

I think the hardest part was to actually start writing. I am not one who likes to write normally but you have no choice here.

The first 60 days I paid back the 15 SP that Steemit loaned me to start my account. I started to get more comfortable after about 4 months only. The platform is not so easy to understand and takes a long time to work out how things work.

I have learnt all about the block chain and the ins and outs of what is good and bad in the eyes of the community. I think the biggest achievement is to challenge myself to do this everyday until I reach 5000 SP which is a Dolphin.

I like personal challenges and this is what drives me more than anything else. I am averaging about 8 hours a day now as I would like to get there as quickly as possible.

I have made some good friends who have been guiding me along the way. I in turn have been helping some other users making sure they are ok and don't leave.

My posts have real value now and this wasn't the case a few months ago as I have a group of loyal supporters now. This has taken loads of hard work with comments and replies between all different accounts.

i have joined Helpie now and so i am on the platform and on discord. I would like to start helping others once I am a little bigger. There are loads of new users coming in daily and I would like to start something for them in the future. i don't know what yet but maybe with the SMT's coming there will be an opportunity to do something.


Oh our account is almost reaching its 1 year anniversary in October, but we only really started to blog on Steemit since January this year. I wouldn't say we had much achievement on Steemit, but over the last year, we had been writing a lot more than we did.

We have a blog (website) out there that we share our Japan trips. Over the last few years, we had only written about 30 posts (yeah too lazy). But with Steemit, it kind of 'force' us to write and practise consistency. Since January this year, the number of posts on our blog had grew to over a hundred. Finally it is looking more like a blog now.

We use the Steempress plugin to automatically publish our blog posts onto Steemit. This saves us the hassle of having to copy and paste as everything is done by the plugin now. We also share our posts onto Facebook page and can see that it is gaining more followers every week. These are some of the 'achievements' we had achieved since started using Steemit.

Of course, the monetary rewards at Steemit is also attractive when getting upvotes from supporters. Through Steemit, we also made new friends from all over the world. We had met up with steemians from Japan and Malaysia. And the greatest achievement in this journey will be when we travel to Poland for the Steemfest3 in 2 months time! 


I've been a steemian for 2 months now. I got delegation for account creation from my dear friend @jlordc and since then he has been helping me around and answering every questions i asked. He encouraged me to join and share my artworks.

I am an artist and I' ve been lurking from the shadows and only post on social media once in a while.

I can say that my achievements here as steemians are:

- knowing great people-- co artist, people that share the same interest as me like anime, manga ;and people who support my artworks

- being featured in a lot of artwork curations. It is truly my honor that they appreciate my works.

- improving my communication skills. To be honest I am not a total social interacting human. Hahhaha

- and last but not the least, improving my written explanation skills. I write step by step process of my artworks, tho i am not truly confident with the grammar but I believe that by practicing it as steamian I will be able to write smoothly in the future.

I will try my best to be active and share my skills to everyone! If you ever happen to visit my account, i hope you will enjoy my works!


I have been a member of Steemit since June last year. Which means my account is already 1 year and 4-5 months old.

I could say that I have experienced the downs and ups of Steemit already. When I was new, it was already a lucky thing to get a cent upvote. I keep posting no matter what that is why I now have more than a thousand Steem power without investing my own money to it.

I experienced the time in which a Steem dollar hits 4 dollars worth and of course I wish that it will happen again soon.

I used to be a Curie curator and that helps me learn more as I read various and lots of articles. I have also learned how to spot or check plagiarized posts.

I have joined some groups as well and be able to gain some online friends. I have also met some of them in person and I considered those meetings as some achievements as well.


Over 8 months now and one of my most notable achievement in here is gaining almost 1000SP without investing any real money on Steem. :)

As for my personal achievement, before I came here on this platform I have no experience in writing and/or blogging. But for months of constant writing (I have a One Post/Day Policy), I have somewhat improved and can now at least write my thoughts in less than an hour. Around 500+ words in less than an hour is a great personal achievement for me. :)


Well I have been on Steem Blockchain for almost a year and a half.

All through this journey of Steem I really enjoyed it and to be honest I really never thought that I would come this far in Steem Blockchain. I was not aware of this side of crypto whereas Steem just opened a new door for me.

Few things I was able to achieve in here 

  • 1200 + SteemPower achieved without any  invested money of my own. Just I invested my time in here
  • Made friends all across the world and joined communities which made me realize what I am capable  of.
  • I am seeing my future possibilities in the Blockchain of Steem
  • Over the past few months have been accumulating SMT tokens and looking really forward the release of SMT's in first quarter of 2019.
  • My passion (photography) that I had I was able to share it with everyone in Steem Blockchain . 

and as of now exploring the world of video creating content (Dtube) 

So this were the few things that I got from being here.


9 months so far

Spamming cat photos at every opportunity 😹


I joined steemit some few weeks ago and i must confess that i have learnt alot from things from the

platform because the platform made me to now have

alot of knowledge about the cryptocurrency business and the market,i now have knowledge and tools that i

could use to ensure that i earn profits from any investment i make on the steem blockchain,,on steemit i

have read alot of good contents that talks about different aspect of life and it haa made me to

understand life better and made me gain some wonderful experience....


 My name is rachel. I live in Bangladesh. I
am now unemployed after passing the
Higher Secondary. I've been looking for a
job. My father taught me a lot of
hardships. Now I have to take care of my
father's old age. There are also two
suitable sisters in my house. I can not
understand what I do. 

 A friend of my facebook told me Steemit
for a long time. He tells me you can use
Steemit as long as you do not have a job.
You can try this website this is very well. So I
have been opening an account for a few


I have been a Steemian since July and I really like it here. I have received 3 curies for exceptional content since I have started which reward me around 30 SP each time which is great. I also got 2 minor votes that awarded me around 6 SP.  It really spurs you on to write more. I love the competitions also . I think my biggest achievement is building .a network of loyal followers who always upvote my posts so my posts are getting more and more the longer I am here. I started off posting for nothing but now my average is around 80 cent. Still small but getting there