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How far is Discord helping you as Steemian?

Well. To be honest, I do love discord! This application is more than an ordinary messenger application. It is a perfect one!  I was introduced to discord by a steemian friend about six months ago, to join the steemit communities through discord, to make my self familiar with steemit and how to grow well as a steemian.

I leaned a lot from discord. Its voice and text chat/channel are excellent. I found that the voice chat is no delay, so its really helps us when we make a discussion group or a voice call.. The text chat is also awesome. As far as I knew this app, I dare to say that it helps me a lots! I joined some steemit communities server, and learn a lots from them.

Some people still curious about what is discord, They thought that discord is a truly chat application for gamers, as it was written that way on its description, but then, she is also falling in love to use discord after tried the app. Lol.

So, returning to the question, how far is Discord helping you as Steemian? 

I will say that discord helps me a lots in having a good  interaction with other steemians, learning more about steemit and how to grow my account up and increasing my skill in providing a good quality of content.  Thanks discord application!

Al, Bandung, 11 September 2018

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especially when you realise that almost every community and project on steemit has a discord server. it's like the pub where all steemians meat, great or small.

I remember when I first heard of discord. It looked fuzzy to me and I immediately wanted to delete the app and return to whatsapp. Right now, I still like whatsapp but discord is simply awesome

To answer your questions, here are the three ways in which discord is helping me as a steemian

1. Upvotes. I currently get upvotes on an almost daily basis from steemmonsters and minnowsupport. I'm sure there are some many others like myself who take advantage of these awesome projects

2. Contests. There are online contests that hold on discord. I'm talking of live events. Currently, I dont think there's any platform on steemit that allows for live events where all participants can contribute.

3. Communication. Everything on the Steem Blockchain is opened. There are times when you really want to get personal with friends you made on steemit, trade gossips and all sorts. Discord is the way to go

And those, my friend, are the examples I can think of right now


Not at all as barely use it, and never to anything Steem-related.


Steemit is a beautiful site which allows people to express themselves in whatever way they see fit and also to see other like minded and read their work. But in the end, all you can do is read what the person has written. You can't really get to know the person or connect with them. This is where discord comes into play.

Discord is a platform where steemians from all over the world meet, connect and share ideas. It's a place where steemians can come together to help each other grow on steemit.

So to how discord is helping me. When I joined steemit, I was a tad bit lost. I didn't really know how to go about anything. I didn't know how to structure my work, or how to arrange tags. I knew nothing. Then a friend told me about discord and it was exactly what I needed. The help that I received helped me learn just how things worked and I met people who helped me refine my thoughts and work and make me a better steemian


Discord has been very useful in connecting me with people in real time, so I can get answers to time-sensitive questions and resolve issues quickly. 

For example, as a member of SBI, I often check the SBI Spreadsheets to see how many shares I have and to check my weekly upvote value. However, a few weeks ago, I noticed a discrepancy between my expected shares and the number in the spreadsheet. To resolve this, I went to the SBI Discord to ask about my issue. Because it's a real-time messaging app, someone was there to address my problem, and resolve the issue after some quick back and forth. What could have taken several hours (or days) contacting people via the comments in Steemit was resolved in minutes. 

So, I think Discord is helping me as a Steemian because it addresses a feature that Steemit doesn't have, yet--instant messaging. 


Discord has been a game changer for me on Steemit.  The communities that I have become a part of and the relationships that I have been able to establish in them has definitely increased my followers.  If I meet people that are new to the Steemit platform the first thing I tell them to do is get on Discord.  Groups like TheSteemEngine, Adsactly, and Qurator are awesome ways to find people that share your interests and help you find your niche.


Discord is only the gateway to getting some help on Steemit, The communities you join in Discord are what give the best help. there are 1000's of groups on discord, not all are about Steemit. 

Depending on the interest's you have there are various communities there which are involved in the same type of interests you hold. Finding them is not so easy,

When you see a post on Steemit that you are interested in the same things, ask them in their comments if there are a member of a discord, There may even be a discord link in the post.


Alot of people use Discord for different reason - and the major reason seems to be networking, and meeting new people. Although this is a part of it for me, the major way that Discord is helpful for me is by joining all the dapp channels that I am investigating, and talking to the mods, and learning more about them.

I am huge on dapps and think they are the future of Steem, and so it makes sense to get involved in their Discord servers. Along with great discussion I have met some great people this way and garnered more support as a result


Well to be honest the Discord  servers are one of the most important things for steem users in case of latest information. While there are other things as well. 

While when I was just using Steemit.com I was kind of missing a lot of information and as not for discord I would have missed out many important news that I would not have found if I was in Steemit.com alone.

While apart from that I got to make some good friends and not that I am saying I have not made friends in Steeemit but in discord the relations are more of in a real time value. So I guess that counts a little higher than steemit.com.

And the connection of users is fast and whenever if any update news comes alive most of the time I do get that from Discord communities. Well it has just developed my road in Steem Blockchain in a better way than before.


Discord is a wonderful tool. It allows you to talk to people in private and also every single thing you say is not locked into the blockchain. It helps me plan stuff and talk about future plans with people without everyone else knowing what is going on. It is also a great place to show off your posts in diffrent chat rooms and get some extra views that you would not have gotten before. 


I used Discord kinda late because of the leaders of our group who introduced Steemit to me. It's ashame that I am unable to explore more about Steemit because of that. When that group collapsed, I am glad I am able to explore more communities where I am now a part of. With regards to Steemit functionalities, I haven't learned it from Discord because I did self-study. But to be able to be connected with Steemians in Discord, I learned how to improve some of my writings. Likewise, I learned about different dapps through Discord.


Discord has been a champion Server to Steemit. All communities / dApps / Channels / etc are using Discord as a mode of communicating and interacting with their members.

We can't deny that the features Discord offers are very much the things we need as Steemians. Channels that serve to categorize the topics to discuss, Voice channels for podcasts/forums/discussions or even just listening with rhythm, Discord roles which we assign for specific limitations, and etc.

Steemians maximize the use of Discord as a way to communicate and interconnect with other Steemians because it is easy, fast, reliable, and scalable.


There are many things whic i could not understand when i joined steemit but with the help of discord channels i was able to meet some people and interact with them and learn alot of things about steemit from them,and now i have good knowledge about steemit and how i can benefit alot from the platform...


Discord is great, I am a fan and I like to chat in there when I can.

I like the mswave shows and find them interesting as a steemian to listen to other steemians talk about steem and other features.

When I have had concerns I have always gone to discord for answers and there is always someone there to help you answer it.

You do have to be in the right discord channel though, as I have in the past been invited to discords and there has been no one in them except me and the host, which to me is a waste.

I find myself as a minnow in peace, abundance liberty more than the others as these guys are just like me. as a minnow it is great talking to another minnow. some times you can help others out too.

I have made friends and chatted to the early hours of the morning on discord so I really do think that discord is great.