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Who is Your Life Inspiration?

My parents are my inspiration. They've taught me so much about life especially honesty, no shortcuts, and how to be generous. My parents are not educated, but they have taught me so much that can't be found in any book. They live an upright life and that inspires me a lot. 


My life inspiration...honestly would have to be my dad. My dad was an immigrant, who came to the US for a better education like many others. He was about lower middle class when it comes to his families financial situation. However once he came here with the goal to make a good life, he hit the bulls eye perfectly. Starting by being an IT director and having a stable job, he also invested right through both recessions and cane out profiting mad. For example one of his biggest investments would be Nvidia which was worth $7 after the 2008 recession. So whenever I look at my future, wanting to become a stock broker and soon be a venture capitalist I always look to my dad who came up top.


Up until two years ago, my inspiration was anyone who was good or successful at what they do. I would emulate them to get and be better in my endeavors.

Then I had my daughter and she became my world. Now I find I want to be the best just for her. I want her to look at me and be proud to call me 'mom's.

I want to work hard and accumulate so much so I give her the very best of life.

I don't want her to struggle as much as I did (maybe just a little, as a little struggle shapes one's character for good) hence my setting up a small investment for her so she has it a bit easier much later.


George Carlin. That man was a comic genious. He could tear you apart and make you laugh at yourself while he was doing it. I miss his comedy. 


My father is ideal for me. Because they are an ideal father. They have all the qualifications that are in a superior father. They are not only my father but also my best friends who, from time to time, warn me by making me look good and bad.

Dad encourages me to do not give up and always learn to move forward. Nobody can be good guide from father. Every child learns all the attributes of his father only, who is responsible for adjusting him according to circumstances throughout his life. They always have an invaluable treasure of knowledge to give us, which never ends. Some of their key features make them the most special in the world.


J.K. Rowling

Almost everyone has heard of Harry Potter. Fans of books and films about Harry's adventures at Hogwards are even spread throughout the world. Behind the success of the film and the book, there is an inspirational figure of the world who is often mistaken for men by some who don't know J.K Rowling. Joanne Kathleen Rowling was indeed advised by the publisher to use ambiguous initials because she was doubtful that her work would be best-selling if the public knew the writer was a woman.

At the beginning of writing a Harry Potter novel, Rowling was having problems with her husband until she finally divorced and supported her daughter alone. This inspirational figure has also been rejected by 12 publishers until Bloomsburry finally gives Rowling a chance. If you remember the figure of Dementors, it was a form of Rowling's imagination that had been diagnosed clinically with depression. Although through many challenges and life problems, Rowling did not give up on the situation until now her name belongs to the ranks of world millionaires and becomes an inspiring figure who is admired by many people.


If anyone asks me, who is the most inspiring woman in my life, I will answer with confidence, my mother. Yes mom! The greatest woman in my journey. Until my age who had stepped on this head 3, my mother never stopped treating me like a little girl.

Have you eaten already? Don't overeat foods that are too spicy! Do not sleep too late! Do not forget to pray! And there are many other little concerns he showed me. When talking to him on the phone is the most enjoyable time for me. At least that's what I can do, because of the distance range that separates us.

My mother, I call her a great woman. How come? My mother who is now up to 63 years of age is a woman who must always fight against various illnesses. Disease due to age. Once people mention it. Rheumatic, acute ulcer, hypertension. Here are some health problems that my mother suffered.

Fortunately the mother of her person was very obedient to the rules of the doctor. The many types of food that must be avoided do not fail to make him discouraged. I don't know how many years I have ever felt "delicious" food. Only enough to consume steamed or boiled foods. All lived without complaint. "I want to live longer. I want to be able to accompany you (children and grandchildren) as long as possible." For this reason he was so concerned about his health.

My mother might be like other mothers. Gentle, patient, caring and loving. But maybe you could say my mother has its own advantages because there are so many inner experiences that cut her heart but made her stay strong. I remember when my beloved brother used to have uterine cancer and eventually had surgery. The cancer grows along with the appearance of the fetus in the uterus. The doctor at that time had given the option for my brother to give up his fetus to be aborted. So the paramedics can immediately take rescue actions as soon as possible. But brother refused. He insisted on maintaining his womb.