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Is it still worth investing in Cryptokitties? What is your strategy for success on this dApp?
I am a recent Cryptokitties investor. I purchased some Generation 0 kitties and have done some breeding, mostly for fun. At one time, Cryptokitties utilized 30% of the Ethereum blockchain's bandwidth, and was a huge hit in China. Breeding whales and buyers of Gen 0 kitties profited at one time, and cryptokitties sold for 5 and 6 figures. Rare genetic traits were highly valued. Is it still worth investing in Cryptokitties? What is your strategy for success? I am buying Gen 0 kitties to hold, and casually breeding or high-value traits.

Nah doesn't seem like a good "investment" , if you could even call it an investment...

I mean, i won't say you can't make any money with it. But there are so much better opportunities to make a buck then with cryptokitties. It's just a stupid game, doesn't solve much issues that people are having. What's the competitive advantage of that? Anyone could make a game like that. And maybe most importantly why do you need a blockchain exactly? You ever asked yourself that question? Yes, it does make sense to store in-game assets that way and it's a great way to transact in game currency but blockchains are slow and expensive. Nobody is going to pay transaction costs to be able to do stuff in the game when a traditional server doesn't require that. 

It's like you are shot back 20 years with this game. Slow transaction speeds and having to pay to being able to play. It's almost 2020, we don't live in the 90's anymore.

The only reason it was hyped up in the first place is because it's build on ethereum and people where overhyping crypto back in the day. Why do they hype it up? Because they expect to sell with a profit. People don't want to play the game necessarily, it's a greater fool theory. And maybe you can make profit when you time this right, but would you really want to in the first place?