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What if Musing picked 1 post a day for a 100% upvote?
What do you think of the idea that musing picks the best answer of the day and gave that post a 100% upvote? Set limits like you can only receive that vote once every week or month. Would definitely increase the quality of answers if everyone was vying for that "Grand Prize" Thoughts/comments/suggestions on how to convince musing to do something like this?

I actually am somewhat oppose to this idea! Sorry! :)

While it would "probably" increase the amount of quality answers here on Musing as people will try their very best to get picked for a chance of getting a full vote from @musing (around $32.81), picking what content is the best at that day is the major problem as it content is pretty subjective.

From what I've noticed lately, some users are 'somewhat' questioning the Musing team for giving some users 15%-25% on their answers when they are only getting 5-10%. Humans are competitive in nature and thinks that they are better than other people. 

While this idea is good in theory (as it will increase "quality answers" here on Musing), when implemented I really do think that some users will complain as to why their content were not chosen. And I have seen some people on other Steem platforms lashed out due to the unfairness of the system and we don't like any drama like that here on Musing (well at least for me). :)

And yeah! I think it would be much better to spread that full vote atm as it can be given to around 20 people (5% average upvote) instead of only one. 

This idea however would be worth revisiting again when @musing gets to over 1million SP. Probably 5 contents pick each day and each one gets 20% would probably be fair. :)


I wouldn't be opposed to that. I think that it would lead to a lot of people leaving the site though.

I was on musing months ago before it really started to pick up steam (no pun intended).

Tasteem is another service that does contests based on themes and then the highest picks get a large upvote.

They might try to do something like that. Even if it was just a category of the week or something like that.

Like I said though, it would probably clear out a lot of the spam and trash pretty quickly.


I understand what you are saying but I don't think they will do it. The problem lies in sharing the vote amongst everyone.

If you look at the biggest vote which is 20% and it has real value. most of the votes are 3% and 5%. Think of how many questions and answers that equates to. Most likely one vote would help at least 25 posts and not just one. That is smarter for keeping everyone active and pushing for a share.

I know you say that you would be eligible once for the 100% vote a month but I would rather see the vote go to 25% before that happened. Not everyone is English speaking and answering these questions is tricky enough for most of us.

In time it may come to that on a Friday or Saturday night when it is quiet to keep everyone active but not every day.That is not a bad idea actually and I hope they read this.


I think this is a great idea! Limits might be nice, because it would create fairness, and opportunity for everyone to get a chance at the "prize" vote. 

I like the way you think ancientknowled3, great idea!