Why is it that questions hardly get upvotes on musing.io?

Well, I don't think so. Questions also get upvotes on musing.io. 

Do you know any other platform where you are rewarded for asking question? 

I don't know. When someone asks any question, all that person wants is to get the answer. That's reason behind asking question. If the question gets upvote, that's a bonus.

Questions does not get higher upovte like quality answer. When someone answers any question, she/he adds more value to this platform. People help others solving their problems by answering their questions. So, it is logical that quality answers get higher upvote.


This question has been asked a few times already.

Have you read the questions?

Questions that offer nothing but a ? at the end of  sentence.

Those asking the question gain from the reply to the question. Those answering the question take time to form a reply. Time to type it, and generally much ore time than it did to write the question.

The quality of questions asked on Musings is of a low calibre. Questions like what is your favourite colour? What is your favourite clothing? Do you drink water? Do you eat Bread? Why is the ground dirty? 

There is no seeking an answer to the questions, most are just words strung together with a ? on the end to make it a question. 

The questions are making a joke of what Musings can do


Well there might be few reasons behind it like

  • Is the question is of any value 
  • Are you just asking random questions
  • Is it spam
  • Plagiarism 

While in compared to the upvotes of Musing in answers is quite high because the research and the hard work needed for an answer to find in much of a work than just asking a question. 

While an user can look out for few details in order to catch the attention of Musing Curators.


  • What makes a good quality question? 
    • Starts with who, what when, where why rather than “bitcoin good?”
    • Has proper grammar, spelling punctuation
    • Is clear and specific enough to garner a mutual understanding between the asker and responder. 
    • Be respectful in your questions, do not make assumptions about race, religion, sex etc..
    • Use the search feature and make sure your question has not already been answered.  
    • Questions can be about anything you want to know! 

Taken from the Musing Curation Guideline