What turns you on in the opposite sex?

what I like about my opposite sex is the sound and smell of his body's fragrance.

You may have a handsome face like Brad Pitt or Cristiano Ronaldo, but that is not enough to make a woman fall in love. According to a study in Poland, what makes men attractive is not just a look, but also a matter of sound and body scent.

Studying previous research, researchers found that a person's voice can be an indicator of its characteristics, including whether he is dominant, can work together, how his emotions are, even how large he is.

The voice that women like is a voice that gives peace, where not every man has it. But fortunately the aroma of a man can also be interpreted similarly, which gives a sense of comfort. And for this part we can thank the fragrance.

Both sound and aroma can be a determinant whether you will be chosen or not. "Perceiving others through these three things, namely appearance, sound, and aroma will provide broader information about someone," said lead researcher Agata Groyecka.

The researchers who carried out this study believe that their findings have something to do with evolution in which a person can judge others from a distance based on appearance and sound, but also closely based on the aroma. And if a lot of research says that people are attracted to other people who have similar faces with them, this research says they also choose people whose smells are different.

"Instructions from hearing and smell can affect an interest in someone and influence subsequent action," Groyecka said.

Therefore, if you want to be an attractive man, set your voice and speech to give an impression of emotional stability, and keep your appearance always clean and fragrant.


From the stand point of the human anatomy: Everything we see or can feel in the human body are fundamentally just human organ, that is there to perform a particular function for the continuity of growth and livelihood...

But human emotions brings a psychological feeling which demands expression from us when some of this organs are revealed, slightly expose or touched..

The psychological feels can also be aroused buy certain behaviors/acts such as.

- An act of kindness

- Dancing

- Smiling

- Walking

- Singing....

With that being said, what turns you on may reasonable am what turns me on absurd. We still a working progress.

As for me, i am a sucker for boobs....

I don't know why i like them, i even get tired of them sometimes but i find myself drawn to them...

What about you?