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What is the difference between Schooling and Education?
Some said it has a lot of differences.

 Schooling and education have similarities, it is not the same. Schooling implies formal education where you have to go to school, college or university to educate yourself. On the other hand, education can be formal and informal. If you go to school, college or university, and learn, you can say that both schooling and education, but in education, you don't necessarily have to go to an institution. 

When we say schooling, it indicates a specific institution, but when we talk about education, it does not indicate any institution like schooling. 

We have teachers and specific curricular to learn in schooling. Conversely, in education  you can learn from anyone or anything. You are option to choose, there is absolutely no restrictions.

In schooling, usually there is age limit, but in education, there is no age life. You can educate yourself anytime, you have your whole life for that. 

You can learn a lot from Musing, it is called education, not schooling. 

In schooling, you have to go through a specific procedure and it is formal. But in education, you don't have to necessarily go through that. 

Education is a broader sense than schooling. When we talk about schooling, it is education. But when we talked about education, it implies more than schooling.

To be successful you might not have to go to school, but you have to educate yourself to be successful. 

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I don't think they're different, infact schooling is a subset of education. Now let me explain it this way, when you talk about schooling you're referring to formal education, the age old concept of a classroom, a teacher and students. Whereas education is much broader than that.

Education encompasses both the formal and none formal and informal types. None formal education is a type of education that lacks the kind of organisational and curriculum based structure of formal education (schooling) but is more structured than informal education. Some examples of this are swimming classes, seminars, community based sports programs etc.

As for informal education, I could say that musing itself is a source of informal education because with informal education there is no structure whatsoever and what you learn is usually spontaneous and sporadic and unplanned most times.

I believe schooling and education are the same thing, the only thing I will say is that schooling is education in a more formal setting.


 The difference between schooling and education is that in schooling, you are required to go to a proper training related to a certain subject for instance universities, or home schools related to academics. Education is a more general term, you can be educated without getting schooled. 

 For example, one can be educated on how to be paint with proper techniques just by reading books or observing and learning from others without going to school and taking an art class. Education can be outside the 4 walls of the school. 


Schooling and education have some difference. Schooling indicates formal education like going to school, college and university and study whereas education mean formal and informal education.

Education does not have any specific time, you can learn any time of your life. Schooling has age limit and specific time.