Is there a solution to lost love between couples?

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There are definitely solutions, marriage is not a kettle of fish and the complications that comes with being married sometimes can't even be fathomed by someone who is not even married, sometimes in marriages couples falls out of love because they do not find the marriage to be blissful just like it use to be when they decided to get married, sometimes it could be that the couples are predictable and it doesn't seem to thrill anyone of them any more, or it could be that they have fallen out of love as a result of constant small problems or heavy quarrels that takes place in marriages so they actually extend their gazes outside of their marriage to get something that actually thrills them.

The first thing is, to restore lost love couples must learn new tricks; what I mean by this is that a lot of couples actually have lost the essence of their marriage because they keep repeating what they've always done, sometimes it's imperative for couples to go to places like parks and museums have splendid fun time, instead of cooking all the time they can actually eat out or go to restaurant infact they can go as far as changing their sex positions, learning or enhancing their chances towards humor, all these are ingredients to spark up a lost love between couples that are not having any of it, in fact the couples attempt at learning new skills to spark up their marriages should also included surprising themselves with things like secret birthdays messages or presents that will definitely blow their mind.

If it's definitely in couples that's lost love as a result of constant fighting and quarrelling, then they need to seek a marriage guidance counsellor, this will help them I focusing more on how they'll settle their rift and help their marriage, a marriage guidance counsellor will actually fight to keep them together but a lawyer will strive to divorce them that's why they mustn't visit a lawyer.

If the couples definitely wish in their heart for the marriage to continue but are still fighting, it means they have to swallow their pride and help one another discover the reason why they got married, one person out of the couple must find it in their heart to take a step at restoring love in the marriage and when they do, the next person will surely reciprocate with time they'll fall in love again.


Love wanes between couples when it's not nurtured. Most of us get to comfortable with our partner that we stop attending to their needs or give them attention as we used to. This leads to taking each other for granted and results in lots of love. But the love can be rekindled. Losing love for your partner is not the problem, the problem is if both of you want the love to be rekindled.

Love can be restored back into any relationship if both partners want the love they once shared to be brought back and they are willing to do all it takes to bring such love back.. the first thing both partners need to do is to think of all the actions they exhibited that killed the love in their relationship and start putting thoughtful actions to undo those actions.

Spending time with each other, being considerate and thoughtful, letting your partner understand that you truly value him/her are all it takes to bring love back into a marriage. You both should think of what no th of you did in the initial stage of the relationship that brought spark between you two and try to do it over again


Yeah I do think to a solution

Firstly the couple should try to take some break and think about the old times. Take a time to discover what attracted them firstly to each other

They should have a open mind conversation and say what they don't like that the other are doing and try to amend their wrongs

Go for a counselling together

Lastly they show go to a vacation. And try to do whatever they did at first when they fell in love