Who is more important in man's life after marriage, the wife or the mother?
who should he give more regards to?

This question is a matter of personal opinion so let me give you mine. I believe that a man's wife is more important than his mother, for the simple reason that she's the one that he spends the rest of his life with. His mother will always be there, but she's not the one who's going to give birth to his children, she's not the one that's going to take care of them and breast feed them when they're young, that's the job of his wife.

Besides, when you get married to a woman, she leaves her family and becomes a part of yours, in a way both of you leave your families and start a new family together. If any man chooses his mom over his wife then that means that he chooses his mom over his kids and basically his own family as well.

In my opinion, the wife is more important than the mother after marriage.


This is highly subjective but I for one believes that the moment a man is married, his attention and focus should be shifted to his wife not anymore to his parents.

The main job of a parent is to ready the child for the future. Many parents strive and work hard just to support their child's education, in order for him/her to have a better and a secured life in the future.

Marriage is the next step and the beginning of that future. The one in which our parents prepared us for. Due to our parents sacrifices, we were able to create a family of our own. Therefore, a man's focus should then be to his wife, in creating and securing his future family. It is now his job to support and make sure that his child would have an even better life than him.


Of course the wife. You can't choose you mother but you choose whom you marry. Your wife/husband are the future, you will build a life together. 

If you have a good relationship with your parents, if they help you etc., that's great. But you are the driver in your life and not anyone else even if they mean well.


This is very tricky question, I believe a man is not entitled to make a choice between choosing from the woman he's married to, and his mother. Biblically a man is entitled to his wife after they've been married but this doesn't meant he's no longer entitled to recognizing his mother's role they only thing is that they relationship has become extended and he'll have to recognise them according to their various roles in his life.

In some western African culture especially Nigeria it's believed that a man should chose who he's endeared to, however this shouldn't be the case, they play important roles in his life which can never be switched or ignored


A pious husband he will guide his wife to believe in Allah and submit and obey her husband. And a pious wife he will submit to her husband. This means that to foster a healthy household, a wife must help her husband to obey Allah. one of them is helping him to serve his parents. It's not that we prevent him from forgetting his parents.

a wife does not need to be jealous of her mother-in-law, because she has given birth to our husband so we can marry him. Though what is worthy of jealousy is our in-laws. imagine, O wife if you have a son, you labor so hard you give birth until he is big with your sweat. Until one day your son is married, then he forgets you for the sake of his wife. How do we feel if we are forgotten by our own children? It's sad, isn't it? Vice versa.

A pious wife will not deter her husband's service to his parents. Because filial piety is a great obligation that is commanded by Allah.


I believe that none of them should be taken as more important to a man but rather they should both be

equally important to him because the mother has a role to play in the life of a man same say the wife also haa a

role to play in the life of the man so they all deserves love,care,respect and affection,,and what makes you a man is the ability to be able to manage your affections

towards your mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters and make sure none of them feel less loved or cared for....