Can Virginity be regained ?

By its strict dictionary definition, no..


There are medical procedures to put back a females hymen and it is pretty popular in the states


Hello, answering your question. This question has several variants, because the moral fact of having had relationships for the first time in your life takes away the "virgin", however biologically what is called virginity is the intact presence of the membrane called hymen.

There are gynecologists who say that "virginity" is no more than a religious taboo that has been inculcated through the years to verify the purity of a woman before marriage, and that is precisely because there are women born without a hymen and There are girls who practice sports such as horseback riding or rhythmic gymnastics that lose their hymen at early ages without having sex. If you call losing the virginity to the rupture of the hymen through penetration and recovering the "virginity" it is to redo the hymen, then if it is possible to recover the virginity through a surgical intervention or treatments. An Indian company launched in 2012 a product that guaranteed women to be virgins again, a cream whose natural components would make it possible to narrow the vagina, rejuvenate it and in this way be able to "feel it like the first time". His name: "18 again".

 In my opinion it is a waste of money, you have to be honest with yourself if you had relationships with penetration you are no longer virgin or morally or gynecologically. I hope you have a nice day.


Virginity in it's purest definition means to have never done something before. Whether it be sex or another activity the word is used in the same context.

He was a crypto-virgin before he got involved in Steem. 

Is a perfectly acceptable use of the word.

Just like when the word is used in a sexual connotation, it means never done before. Once you have experienced that particular action or emotion you are no longer a virgin in regards to it.

Since you can never "undo" your previous action or emotion it is impossible to "regain" your virginity in regards to that action again.

Once you have had intercourse, you are no longer a virgin and can never be called one again. Regardless of the number of "purification" rituals or ceremonies, or operations or drugs you take, you are not a true virgin again.

Once you have invested in any crypto (win or lose) you are no longer a crypto-virgin even if you invest in a different coin.

Once you have loved and lost, you are not a virgin to that emotion again. Even though it re-occurs and feels different each time.

If you want to call yourself a virgin, go ahead, plenty of women wear white on their wedding day, despite not fulfulling the traditional requirement of doing so and so far as I know none of them have been struck down for doing so.

If you believe you are renewed or reborn after a  purification ritual or ceremony and wish to call yourself a virgin do so. As long as you are honest with anyone you discuss it with, go ahead, whats the harm. If the mindset and belief is important to you then, again as long as you are honest with everyone about why you say you are, then go ahead. 

However, in a purely physical sense virginity, once lost, can never be regained. Spirtually is a different matter and is for each individual to decide for themselves


No, once you lose your virginity, it's gone forever.