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What is the best way to preserve a loving relationship?

Engaging in a loving relationship is something everyone wants to involve themselves in this days either for the purpose of establishing true love or other purposes. The question is how many of these people are ready to preserve this loving relationship?

Some relationships today turns out to be false which leads to divorce and the heart break between the party involved due to the lack of preservation.

Preserving your relationship will not only give you long lasting relationship but you will see the beauty of true love if your relationship is preserved.

The problem today is that most people don't really know how they can preserve their relationship and this is really affecting the growth of and development of such relationships. I will take my time to take you through the steps and procedures you can adopt in other to preserve your relationship.

1) KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DID BEFORE YOU COULD EARN YOUR PARTNER'S LOVE WHILE YOU WERE STRANGERS: One of the best ways of preserving your relationship is by engaging in several activities that made you your partner fell in love with you. This practice alone can strengthen the bond between you and your partner and this helps to preserve the relationship.

This means that if your partner fell in love with you because you do send him or her gift, then you have to keep sending the gift because this will make your partner happy and you also gain happiness in return when your partner loves you as you can never imagine.

The sad reality is that most couples today ignore and abandon what they did to make their partner love them and this has led to decrease in love and thus affecting the growth of the relationship.

2) TRUST : Trust is a key ingredient of preserving a relationship because the lack of trust leads to suspicious thoughts and insecure feelings towards one's partner.

Try as much to develop the trust between you and your partner such that you both trust each other and you both know what you are both capable of doing.

Your partner should be secured emotionally whenever you are far away and similarly you the other too should have similar thoughts and this can only happen when there is trust.

Develop the trust and preserve your relationship between you and your lover.

3) REGULAR CHECKING : You have to always check on your partner to see how he or she is doing. This will develop a sense of caring attitude for your partner as your partner will always think you care for him or her. This will surely help to preserve the relationship.

You can call your partner before sleeping just to hear his or her voice and ask for your partner's wellbeing. Try as much as possible to visit if you are capable and call your partner making him or her feel you always remember him or her.

4) BUY GIFTS FOR EACH OTHER : There is nothing that can make the relationship more interesting other than buying surprising gifts for each other. This will make you feel loved naturally.

I am sure we have sent gift to young kids and you were able to see how those kids felt. Similarly, this is also applicable to adults who are in love with each other. Exchange of gifts enables both party to stay in love with each other and it preserves the relationship.

5) SPEND TIME TOGETHER: There is no best feeling other than being with your lover. You both will be happy together just by spending time together.

You both can play games together, eat together, play together, have fun, watch movies and do other activities that will make you happy. This is one of the best ways to preserve your relationship and you tend to miss your partner when your partner isn't with you.

6) UNDERSTAND YOUR PARTNER: Understanding is a very important factor in every growing relationship and most unsuccessful relationships occurred due to the lack of understanding between the couples.

Try as much as possible to understand your partner. Know when it's time for you to play, know what your partner dislikes, know when your partner gets angry, know what to do to make your partner happy, know what to do to eradicate the anger of your partner when he or she is angry, know what your partner loves and what your partner doesn't loves or likes, etc. You just have to understand your partner very well because understanding will help you preserve your relationship.

7) COMMITMENT AND CARE: You have to be committed to your partner and always make sure you are caring two towards your partner.

Commitment and care will help you preserve the relationship and it will surely increase the love between you and your partner.

8) SEX: Mhen!.. Did I just typed s*x? Well that's the fact! Sex is one of the great tool to increase the love between you and your partner. If sex can increase love, it will surely preserve the relationship.

I will have to make something very clear regarding the case if sex. I won't recommend underage people to engage in this type of act because it may lead to unwanted pregnancy and other bad activities. I do tell people that premarital relationships are for those who want to get married sincerely and not for teenagers.

9) ALWAYS RESOLVE YOUR CONFLICT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: Every successful relationship had always encountered conflicts and it will keep occurring to every relationship because no one is perfect. There are sometimes your partner may get you angry and there are also some times you may get your partner angry due to some misunderstandings.

This things happen in every relationships but your reaction towards this attitude will determine the strength of your relationship.

Always learn to resolve misunderstanding and conflict that may occur between you and your partner because it will surely help you to keep your relationship and this automatically preserves the relationship.

These are the few ways of preserving your relationship and I hope everyone can apply this.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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What a interesting question , I've been married for almost 20 years now and since I'm not an expert in this subject matter, I would rather just share a few practices that we do to keep the relationship alive. 

1. Make your partner be the first and the last of every day.  Even though we are very busy, or away from each other we would make it a point that we embrace and acknowledge each other first thing in the morning and also the last thing before we goto sleep.  We did get caught up with checking our phone the minute we woke up .... but we changed that just 1 little thing and it becomes a habit and we start to miss if it we didn't do it 

2. Respect each other's alone time.  Have to face it, we are married because we love each other and not because we want to be enslaved to each other.  We are still human and sometimes we just need our time out with either ourselves or with our friends.  When one of us just wants to hang out with friends , we just respect by not bugging them every few minutes. This creates trust and seems to work fine. 

3. Money Matters ....  share it ( the expenses ) and keep aside a little bit to give you both a treat.  Money normally becomes the no.1 or no.2 top relationship breaker . If you learn to share not only the expenses but a little fund which both of you chips in to get yourself a holiday , that would be great for the relationship

4. Communicate .. its a key to keeping relationship well. When communication breaks , there would be a lot of assumptions which is not good for any relationship.  

5. Family matters  - this is hard for some however it helps a lot. Get to know and get to love your partner's family especially the parents.  A daughter will always love her parents and a son will always love his parents so getting close to the ones they truly love would be essential in preserving a relationship. 

These are just my opinions and I hope i got it right.... well i would think so =) 

Have a great weekend .  


I think there are no formulas for that and whoever wants to use them will fail because each relationship is different and unique. Maybe we can give advice that shows love, respect, affection, understanding, but even then the relationship may fail. Being good and kind to each other won't guarantee success, unfortunately. A love relationship is almost a lottery, you may win it and you may not. Of course, if you express love and respect for each other on a daily basis, you may have a better chance of maintaining a relationship with those who do not. I remember a lady who once found me in the bank who asked me for guidance in making a transaction and said to me sincerely: what happens is that my husband died and he was the one who did all this because he always said that I was good for nothing and was brute for this. When I asked her how long she lived with her husband, she told me frankly: a lifetime. That is to say, in spite of the mistreatment, her loving relationship lasted a lifetime.


The essentials for preserving a relationship (loving or not), with a friend, with a spouse or even a business partner are always the same:

  • First and foremost pay attention to the other party and their personal needs. Observe and listen, be accommodating.  

That is basically it, everything else, like trust and time spent together enjoying common interests draws from the above single point.  


There are no assurance that that a loving relationship will be preserve. We are just humans and humans heart will change without knowing it. Many situations happened saying at the first time of relationship they won't change, they will stay the same because of their love to each other. What happened? It broke.

Did you know where that line came from **"promises are made to be broken."** It came from too much love of relationship. They love so much but still the promise broke, it just happened without knowing it. As I said earlier people change, feelings and atittude.

But one of the most wonderful feeling in relationship is not loving at all, the comfortable each other. If you found yourself like you want to be together always. Your relationship will be preserved and be treasured. If that happens you can say that you found a love of your life.


I am married for 5 years and have been dating my wife for 10 years so 15 years in total . I think if you do not live in each other’s pockets and give each other enough space that you can preserve a loving relationship . I am very close to my wife but I like going to meet my own friends and she doesn’t too. When we get home we talk about our day. I think there should be a lot of compromise also in a relationship and bad habits from each person have to be tolerated .


Successful relationships take work.They don't happen during a vacuum. They occur once the couples in them take the danger of sharing everything what is going on on with them.

2. you'll be able to solely modify yourself, not your partner. If you're keen on somebody and suppose that once a minute he or she alters behaviors that you discover uncomfortable, go over. If you would like changes, place them direct, thus your partner is aware of what you would like.

3. All arguments stem from our own concern or pain. When upset, check up on what is going on on inside you rather than obtaining angry on your partner. Truth is that we have a tendency to typically are not upset for the explanations we predict we have a tendency to ar.

4. perceive that men and girls ar terribly completely different. We're not from Mars or Venus; we're not even within the same scheme. Understanding and celebrating our variations can build habitation additional peaceful, fascinating, and fun.

5. Honor one another in a way on a daily basis. each morning you've got the chance to form your relationship sweeter and deeper by recommitting to your mate. Feeling revered and cherished by the one you're keen on makes life a lot of nicer.

6. Anger may be a waste of your time. Anger is additionally a relationship killer, as a result of it causes you to egoistic and will not permit you seeing the great. If you're irritated together with your mate, offer yourself your time to settle down then gently discuss what is going on on for you.

7. Get regular tune-ups. head to a couples workshop, consult with a counselor, or scan a relationship book along a minimum of once a year. even though you do not suppose you would like it, you may obtain a handful of ideas, and therefore the method alone can strengthen your association.

8. realize how to become and keep best friends. for a few this sounds unloving, except for those that live it, most say it is the better part of their time along.

9. Be liable for your own happiness.No alternative person will cause you to happy. It's one thing you've got to try to to on your own. If you're feeling it is your partner's fault, go over, and appearance inside to seek out out what piece is also missing for you.


The most important thing about relationships is to give more importance to people than to love others. However, if someone thinks of himself more important in this regard, then there is no doubt that the relationship will turn out to be bad. Love grew in equal parallel. It is very important to remember it.


Lots and lots and lots of sex.

Mutual respect and love goes a long way.


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