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How does lottery destroy lives?

Since a great many people don't know how to oversee so much cash admirably.

The vast majority are living paycheck to paycheck, stressing over how to pay their bills or house costs.

All of a sudden this enormous benefit falls into their lap and their brains can't adapt to it.

The gigantic sum just explodes their reasoning, tragically. It ruins their outlook. Where once the cash was rare, and esteemed, abruptly it surges into their lives, and they don't know how to control. it. Somewhat like voraciously consuming food on an apparently boundless supply of potato chips and M&Ms.

Since its such an enormous total, in their reasoning, it can't run out.

With such a vast aggregate, you should have the expertise and mental control to contribute the cash admirably. Tragically, it is anything but difficult to end up enticed to be "bold" with the cash. What's more, rather than putting admirably in great income acquiring property and blue-chip shares, they begin estimating in penny stocks or more regrettable, get suckered into utilizing edge and use into money related items that they don't really get it.

What's more, that will be a lot of individuals will's identity anxious to enable you to spend the cash or put resources into idiotic plans. In any case, for a great many people they will come up short on the capacity to recognize the great counsels from the awful ones.

There will likewise be a large group of parasites and suckers that will leave the woodwork to enable you to spend the cash. Cash can likewise degenerate connections. Individuals who were once great companions can all of a sudden end up desirous and covetous for your freshly discovered riches. This all makes a colossal difficulty.

Individuals overlook that its one thing to win cash, its very another to keep it, and another aptitude to develop it. It appears to be simple on paper. In any case, its a psychological thing and the traps are not self-evident.


Winning a big win in a lottery can destroy the life of a person for many reasons. 

One such reason is the inability of the person to handle a life changing sum of money wisely. Some winners might quit their jobs and go on a spending spree and waste their money in short order without preparing for the future in any way. Others may fall victim to scammers. A combination of low intelligence and low impulse control is probably the most destructive combination. Some winners may eventually have ended up in much worse shape financially than before the win.

Another reason why a big lottery win can destroy a person's life is how it can change relationships for the worse. Friends and family members can develop envy and engage in destructive behaviors. The winners themselves may lose their heads.

Most of the time, however, winning big in a lottery has positive consequences. Winning enough can remove financial worries. In the hands of a rational and disciplined person a big win in a lottery doesn't normally cause any problems.


I am not sure what you are asking here but I take it if you win.

Most lottery winners are not financially prepared to deal with a large life changing sum of money and normally after a few years of high end living have nothing left and are broke.

The most important thing about being wealthy is to maintain the wealth and protect it. Being able to make your wealth from scratch has a different mindset from someone who just won it.

You would think that if someone won $200 million they would be set for life but most of the winners are too stupid and don't plan.  The trick is to buy what you really want and put the rest away but they don't. It is as though they have to spend it and with little or no income coming in they spend too quickly leaving nothing behind.

I would rather never have money than to have a fortune and lose it. That would be unbearable to me and if i come into a fortune one day i will be very careful what I do with it.


By definition: Lottery is a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers for a prize.

Just like any gambling game, lottery destroy lives by giving one a false hope (slim chance of winning) of becoming the next millionaire or billionaire by just simply buying and picking random numbers. Everyone wants to be rich fast and wants it the easy way. Which is some people do lotteries for that slim possibility.

The problem however is when one gets too addicted on it enough to buy more tickets that is way above his/her daily budget. Most of these people have a logic that the more ticket they bought, the more chances of winning they will have. True! But that is only an increase of like 0.00001%.

The best way to do this is to only buy tickets that are EXTRA on your daily allowable expenses.


Money is an enabler and when one gets a lot of it all of a sudden, and go from having nothing to having millions of dollars, they suddenly have the power to do and have a lot of things. The abundance of choice can overwhelm some and they fail to stay grounded in reality. Which leads them to making bad decisions that set off a chain reaction of events that destroy many of the relationships, principles, morals and life's priceless blessings they once had. 

A lot of money also attracts people with ill intentions, who will try to manipulate the owner for their own financial gain, often leaving chaos and destruction behind while running away with the money.

Winning the lottery or getting a lot of money all of a sudden is somewhat of a double-edged sword. The person really needs to stay calm and grounded and avoid bad influences, if they are to survive what will follow. 


It destroys life when you make it an hobby or when you are addicted to it.


I figure you could contend that videogames makes it less engaging go out and play sports, which in some ways could expand the likelyhood of somebody getting to be hostile to social. Numerous additionally focuses that a man can get dependent by such excitement.

In any case

Consider why individuals invested their free energy playing recreations. It is definitly not on the grounds that they are compelled to do as such, it is on the grounds that it's extremely engaging. Furthermore, in the interim they are playing, they could have invested a similar energy taking medications or getting alcoholic which probably won't have some good times.

So the inquiry was regardless of whether amusements demolish lives. It can in extraordinary amounts, yet so can viewing Netflix or simply eating carrots(if you're into that sort of thing)..so I wouldn't generally accuse the business.