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My reputation suddenly dropped 1.0 points, does it mean somebody flagged me?
If so, can i see what got flagged ?
You can check whether you have been flagged by using Steemd.com

Simply head to your steemit blog page and replace the steemit.com in the address with steemd.com, i.e.


You can then check through for downvotes (i.e. flags).

It does not look like you have received any flags recently. This should be the only way that your reputation could decrease (or I suppose by someone removing a large upvote). I wouldn't worry about it. Your reputation will increase soon enough if you keep posting!
i took the liberty of checking ... there's several ways, i personally have a script ... well more like a collection , i call it "steemterm" work in progress 'steem terminal' it keeps account history of used accounts locally which makes it easy to parse, i have a special command for downvotes because when i got on first i was haunted by whale trolls and steemcleaner enlightened content nazis over something i must have said in chat, they literally zeroed out all my posts for weeks, regardless of content, but i kept on and im still here from what i see in your account history there is one downvote and its one you made yourself... i'm not gonna point fingers but consider the fact that you only have 10 votes per day until you grow to dolphin levels when you can split them up over dust treshold so they pay out to the people you vote on, so downvoting is not only "bad karma" so to speak (because it will come back sooner or later) its also a waste of resources i'm not going to tell you what to do ofcourse, this is purely my opinion on the matter, even after those initial close to 100 downvotes i cast only one and i immediately realized i was stooping to their level. It's WAY better to stay constructive and use your resources to build because that same karma (as am etafor ofcourse) works both ways. not everyone's grateful ofcourse and most people simply dont have the clout to vote everyone back for what they give but in the end upvotes pay off and downvotes don't there was a wave of trollbots coming but they fixed that by undelegating (they all had 0.1 SP in the account and leeched the rest from @steem and they did nothing but downvote, a whole swarm of them, but they fixed that) there's others , like sadkitten, automated bots who downvote purely by statistics because of some idea they have on what other people should do, there's not much to do about those yet but i hope they see it as a problem too it should mean something that the downvote button was removed from the steemit UI , out of sight out of mind, if its not there its not tempting, but i think its still available on busy and some others your reputation should not go down if no one downvoted you so the only thing i can think of like i read here is someone removed a vote, but that should be visible too on steemd, you have only three pages so you can still easily read them if you want to dig it out if you feel you're being stalked or trolled, or you find any of those neo-trollbots on your feed they call themselves trollflagger but all they do is troll then contact @themarkymark or @guiltyparties , they're like the steemit-police lol more like the justice league hahah, they have the power to do stuff but you have to make SURE , i think those people are quite busy think constructive, not destructive, and dont let a troll lure you into turning into one of them (y) good luck , and keep it up :p
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Yes, you can check who upvoted on your post and why, http://steemd.com/(yourusername) ...entere your steemit username and check all activity there . You can see on that site all data related to your account.
Yes, If someone flagged you who has huge amount steem power and flagged your post with value your post will hide, that means not showing as normal post.

Flagging a post can remove rewards and make this material less visible. Some common reasons to get flags-

1) Disagreement on rewards.
2) Fraud or plagiarism.
3) Hate speech or Internet Trolling.
4) International miscategorized content or Spam.
It is because you had done copy paste work in steemit so we should never do copy paste work in steemit because cheetah is a reboot which can detect from where we had copied and he comment on our blog with link from where you had written.
So new ever try to do copy work in steemit and so our reputation score goes on decrease mode .you have gone 1 reputation score down but my friend got 25 score down so I hummble request to everyone that don't do any type of copy paste work in steemit .write in your own words.
My reputation suddenly dropped 1.0 points, does that mean someone marked me?
decreased our reputation distemem certainly many factors that affect it, one of which is our post is a plagiarism that we post in steemit. It is normal for us but will cause future problems on our reputation decreased and there are also other obstacles of the photos we post is a plagiarism that also affects our reputation. maybe that's what I know if my sketch is wrong please understand only.
Another good tool to see what's happening with your account is https://steemworld.org