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How long have you used Steemit and how much money have you withdrawn?
I have started my jurney on steemit at about 6 month ago. But my steemit jurney I have faced many difficulties. In my middle jurney on steemit I had stopped working on steemit. About 2 month age I started again working on steemit. Steemit is platform where you can share what happened in your in your area or country or on the whole world, you can share your emotions and so on. I think steemit is just like a news paper. Because when ever we see our feed we can know about many things, what is going on the whole world. In my steemit jurney I have gained many many know about steemit.

In my steemit jurney, I don't withdraw any money. Because as much as can you invest as much as you can earn money from steemit. So, I want to told you guys not to withdraw as soon as possible, fiest you should invest there to withdrawing more.
I registered in February, and it hasn't been easy. I hardly get high upvotes. Hence, making it so difficult for me to withdraw from the platform. I haven't spent even a single SBD/Steem since I joined. I invest back into the system. I hope to withdraw very soon maybe in December
I joined steemit in February,2018. I knew about steemit from 1 year. But I couldn't join for many reasons. And I started thinking about it. Finally I joined steemit. From today I'm at steemit for 6 months. But I have not withdrawn any money in this 6 months. I've just invested in steemit so far. But I hope that soon I will withdraw from steemit.
I registered on Steemit during the ending of February and my account was activated around early March. During March, I was kind of discouraged as a newbie because I always end up with low payout. I never knew how the system works and that really affected my earnings on Steemit. I was kind of reluctant steeming because those little payout didn't boost my moral to keep steeming.

As time passes, I was opportune to meet some people and I asked about how the system works. I was told to keep making good comments, support others and be part of a common. When I applied this, Steemit became more interesting because my payout was increasing up to $0. 10 and it brought a sense of hope to me.

After some time, I got upvote from PAL and other discod channel and I was able to learn how the system works. I have supported some of my friends and they also supported me back. This is making me love Steemit more because I now have new friends.

During April, the case was different. It Steemit became difficult for me such that I had to ask if anyone is really reading my post. My payout was decreasing and sometimes increasing.

Steemit has now been my home compared to any other sites because I am able to meet new friends, earn, learn, and make my self productive 24/7 via Steemit.

The whole scenario changed when I discovered musing.io. I can't do without using musing.io because I earn by answering and posting questions. I also love musing because it is built on Steemit blockchain. I love sites built on Steemit blockchain because I love to promote Steemit anywhere and anytime.

About my withdrawal, I haven't withdrawn any amount since my stay here. I am still planning to invest more in Steemit because I see Steemit as the future of blockchain and cryptos. And I am very sure a time will come everyone will make use of Steemit just like they make use of Facebook.

I will withdraw my money whenever I need it because Steemit is just like my second home.

Let us keep promoting Steemit and let keep developing Steemit blockchain just like musing.io is doing presently where users can earn by asking and answering questions.

Thanks for reading.

I registered on steemit on March 2018 and started my journey on writing blogs on steemit and firstly I didn't get upvote but I keep patience and writing daily 1 blog on steemit and after 1 months I started to get upvote from steemit community and from people who joined steemit.

After 1 month I was able to write proper English in good Grammer because I got experience and I writing daily blogs on steemit after wards I joined musing and from them I give answer on musing and I got upvote but I takes minimum 10-15 days to get upvote because I was able to answer properly buy musing was not giving upvote because they fill that there is Grammer mistake is there .

Nowadays I am giving 4-5 answers regularly and I am getting 5-6 upvotes daily so I like to write and we're on musing because when we write answer on musing if we want to post it on steemit it can aslo be posted so it is very good to know and by the way we can earn steem dollars.

I had done a withdraw of 18 steem dollars till today and I have 3 steem dollars still there in my steemit account so if I became 6 months older and I will share my experience and also my journey on steemit and with earning proof also.

Thanks for Reading
I registered for Steemit January 2018 and since then, it has been a struggle until I decided to take Steemit seriously and so far, I have withdrawn over 500 Steem Dollars and Steem put together.
I have been on steemit for almost a year, since November, 2017 and have made some money. It's not as much as I would like, but I'm grateful for it nonetheless and hope to make more.
Exactly 219 days or over 7 months now. My account got approved on the 28th of December last year but started getting active on the last week of January.

So far I only did 4 withdrawals, all of which was to pay my "monthly internet bill" which is only around $35. Any extras I got are used to power up my account.

My main focus right now is powering up my account in order to have a decent to significant impact on my and anyone's payout. I might only be a minnow now with less than $0.1 upvote worth, but when the price of Steem goes back to what it was when I first joined (around $8) then I believe it will be worth more.