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Do you think that just like the influencers at SH, the moderators should also have an evaluation system that allows extracting data from how well they do their work?

I think it would be excellent to encourage them to do a faster and more efficient job, just like influencers do. No doubt the implementation of a scoring system would make the platform grow to a level of experience as the moderators would be a little more committed.

It would also reduce the complaint among SH users because their hunt would be moderators in more detail and always trying not to make a mistake.

It also seems to me an insentive strategy for those who aspire to be moderators to keep doing quality work on their hunt and curations.


Without a doubt, it would be an excellent idea to implement an evaluation system similar to that of the influencer that allows those who do an excellent job, and give a very good feeback to users stay longer in their job. While those who do not moderate a lot of hunt or tend to approve/delist hunt erroneously make way for someone who may have more time or be more qualified.

I'm pro change, so I think it's excellent to make power rotations, i.e. allow those who are more qualified to also demonstrate that they can cope with the weight of being a moderator.