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How many Steemians from your country do you know?
This includes those who you know are from your country. How did they -or you - become a Steemian?

Well in the past there were not that much but as of there are plenty of users from my country Bangladesh.

Among them few users came by accident in Steemit and others by the inspiration of their friends and the rest by the influence of Social Medias.

Well apart from that many have made their place in Steem Blockchain and they are really enjoying their Steem Journey.

While I came out in Steem Blockchain from Facebook and it was not that much expected and I never thought that I would give it so much importance and it would take a big part in my life. 

I started my Steem Journey with Steemit now I am active in other dapps as well and I am liking my journey as well. While having high hopes as well in the launch of SMT as well.


Over discord, facebook or any such online social media, I know about 30/35 people from my country and from my offline social circle whom I know personally, there are around 10 people and the interesting part is that 4 out of those 10 people I have introduced them to steemit and it is really an amazing journey so far and I am already more than 2 years old here in steemit.

One more interesting thing is that, some of the people first conceived it as another scam site or something like that but they all became serious in early 2018 when they saw steem at an all time high of 8 usd and since then all of them are very serious about steemit and some of them have also invested some money.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I think I know about ten Steemians that are from my country. I am sure that theer might be even more Steemians originated from my country but I don't know all of them. I actually have interacted with just a few of them so I can't say that I am even "that close" with the ones that I know around here. I have become a Steemian thanks to a friend of mine who told me about Steemit but till yet hasn't joined the platform. Funny that I am a member of Steemit since February but he hasn't joined it yet. I am grateful to him for sharing about Steemit with me and I would like him to also be around but he's quite busy and doesn't has that much time as I do to spend on Steemit. I am trying though to get as many people as I can on the platform but with not much of success. Overall I am amazed of how many of my co-nationals are Steemians. As I said I don't know personally any  of them but I have interacted with a few and I am following about ten of them. It's nice though to have people from your country active on Steemit, but we are still posting in English. 


I know 3 steemians that I know are from my country (Belgium).  Possibly, there are even more Steemians that I follow, that are from Belgium, without me knowing they are.

And for sure, there are more than 3 Belgian Steemians in total on Steem :-D