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What is your long-term vision for Steem?
Assuming that Steem survives the possibly multi-year period of price declines and consolidation at a relatively low level on the cryptocurrency market, what kind of future do you envision Steem to have? How many users do you think Steem will have in the future? How many applications? What do you think will give value to STEEM, SBD and Steem Power? How will Steem apps be monetized?

The fundamental of steem is really very strong and steem blockchain will become a vehicle to carry all sorts of DApps which will be directly and indirectly contributing to the ecosystem of steem and I am sure all the token holders will be greatly benefited if they allow themselves some time and wait for the developments to unfold.

In last two years steem blockchain has grown in to a bigger one and the most precious part of steem blockchain is that it is cost effective and steemit Inc has provided that infrastructure for many of such application so far and from here on the ecosystem should add some more aspects so that it can survive the crucial time like this what we are currently going on now.

I personally investedin steem with a long term vision and I have target set for 2021 and I am pretty sure that the steem blockchain and its ecosystem will grow much much faster and better by that time as compared to what it is now. So in other words you can say that not just evolution of steem blockchain will get stronger but the evaluation as well.

I am not here to bet on the steem price but all along the way it will definitely cover the targets of many people here and I think we should not worry much about the price of steem rather we should focus on its core principles and start playing our part and if everyone does like that then no matter what steem price will be trading at, the whole ecosystem will look more balanced and more lucrative and more dynamic.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Though we are going through hard time, The crypto Market is being manipulated very badly and we all are feeling the heat, if we talk about the manipulation, people say that Crypto work like this, Big profit or big lose, It can go either way, 

as far as steemit concern, no doubt steemit is a wonderful platform and it changing the life of many including me.  

The dapps built on steem block Chain are the Best way to communicate with the other steemains,  They are the most attractive part of steem nowadays.

As a newbie it is hard to survive without getting any vote on your hard written content, but different dapps, like @steemhunt, @musing others are rewarding user for participating using their app.

if we talk about the value, people outside steem blockchain Don't know much about steem and that is why it is undervalued,

Hopefully, it will be more famous in the coming months and we will survive this fud.

I am quoting value of steem and sbd no less than 3 or 4 $ in the coming two years.


Assuming like all the facts and scenarios that you stated we get to survive them all than I should say we have a golden days ahead. As if we have survived this crash than other crashes are no going to hurt us at all (at least for the coming days )

While apart from that Steem Blockchain does really have created it user base over the years and there are dedicated users as well even in this bar market which shows the integrity and belief in this platform from the users.

While apart from that the upcoming project of SMT's will sure change the course of Steem Blockchain as Apps will be developed on Steem Blockchain and which will attract more focus/investors/traffic/users towards Steem Blockchain and all of them will run through the mother currency Steem. So as a result the usage of Steem would increase and we will get to see some surge of Steem price as well.

While it will take some time to make a position for our self in the Blockchain but all of the efforts and the early adopters will have the benefit of all.


My long term vision on Steem:

Steem will be on the edge and destroyed if the commitment to SMT is not immediately realized. The only hope for Steem to rise again is SMT, because there are already many investors who are turning to other blockchain networks that have a better future.