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What is the best way to grow audience on steemit?

Steemit is a gradual process, it requires organic engagements in order to develop and this comes with time. A lot of of people thinks having a lot of followers equals audience on steemit but this is definitely not so. I'm not saying followers aren't audience, but most people follows you in order to receive and only a few follow in other to engage and help you grow.

In other words having quality followers is definitely the fastest way, this is because when you have quality followers they can grow your account by helping resteem your contents and when they do, this will bring other users attention if they find your contents to be qualitative.

However to have meaningful followers means to engage, join communities like minnowsupport on discord, STEEMGIGS as well and interact with people, blend in and perform tasks like chatting on the discord group and remember to be constant, continuous and never relenting on your engagements.

You can also buy steempower just like people like @dobartim who invested in the platform when they joined, then organise contests, give away free SBDs and steem upvote people's content and this will attract big users to your blog, some may put you in auto upvoting in other to encourage what you do and this will help In getting you audience and growth.

Write quality content; people who write #steemstem contents are often recognized by people like @abigail-dantes @techslut @reggaemuffin who support those scientific contents, writing quality content will grow your blog and this will attract prospective audiences who will also interact, engage and support you, however you must keep up with consistency in other for them to keep following you.